Coral Football Jackpot

Do you remember a time long before the Internet when for many people, who didn’t fancy the trudge down to the local betting shop, their main form of betting each week used to be a flutter Coral Footy Jackpot Gameon the football pools?

The jackpot was reserved for any lucky person who managed to pick eight score draws from the coupon of 55 games, although how much was paid out depended on how many score draws there were in any given week. Hit eight score draws when just eight of the 55 games ended in that result and you’d be one of the very big winners.

Before the advent of the Internet and the National Lottery, the football pools was a huge industry and many thousands of people played regularly each week. While they are still available, the sheer wealth of other betting options now available means they are not as popular as they once were.

Part of the reason for that is that some sports betting sites have come up with similar offers that are even easier to play and far more flexible than the original football pools idea and Coral Sports Football Jackpot game is one particularly good example of this.

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What is Coral’s Football Jackpot?

The Coral Football Jackpot game takes place every weekend of the football season using a selection of 15 matches taken from a variety of leagues across Europe, although the majority of games are usually taken from the English League, focusing primarily on the Premier League and Sky Bet Championship.

Once the 15 games for the next Football Jackpot coupon have been decided, they are added onto the website and punters can then go through the coupon and the aim is to correctly predict the result of each game. The options are Home Win, Draw and Away Win.

Selections are made in a very similar way to selecting numbers on a National Lottery ticket by simply clicking on the box for the chosen result for each match to highlight it.

Each group of 15 selections is one betting line and you can place more than one betting line by selecting two results for the same game (or even all three possible outcomes).  However the more selections you add, the more the number of line bets increases and the greater the cost of placing the overall bet will be, especially if you select multiple result outcomes for a number of different matches as all possible bet combinations need to be covered.

Once the bet is placed, you then watch over the weekend to see how the results unfold and if you manage to have a payline that matches one of the payout dividends of 15/15, 14/15  or 13/15 results correct, then you will win a stated amount. How much depends on how many other people also earned a payout and how much money was in the Football Jackpot fund that weekend although Coral state that the Jackpot Pool is always guaranteed to be at least £100,000.

If you get 15/15, then all players who achieved this win a share of the Jackpot Pool. 14/15 winners win a share of the first consolation dividend and 13/15 win a smaller share out of the second consolation dividend, although the minimum dividend payable will be £1.10 per £1 stake, so you will always make a profit if you earn a prize.

How do I play Coral’s Football Jackpot?

Coral Football Jackpot CouponYou can play the game in two ways. You can allow the Coral software to pick for you by clicking on the Lucky Dip selection. This completes the coupon for you randomly with one result selected for each of the 15 games (though you can change this, or add further selections if you wish).

Alternatively, you can work your way through the coupon highlighting the selections you want to make for each game in the same way you would select the numbers on a lottery coupon or similar.

The game is set up very much to appeal to lottery players as the entire coupon and how it works is very similar to playing a lottery ticket online.

Once you have made your selections, the next thing you need to do is decide the size of your stake per betting line selected. If you pick just one betting line or more the minimum stake is £1, if you pick two betting lines the minimum stake is £0.50p (total £1) and four betting lines or more sees a minimum stake of £0.25. This ensures the minimum bet anyone makes is £1 in total.

You can however elect to stake more on the coupon than that, up to £20 in fact. The higher your stake, then the greater the share of the dividend you will win.

How are the dividend prizes worked out?

There are three weekly prizes and the dividend for each generally falls with the fewer number of winning selections you make on a ticket. Hit 15/15 games and you’ll win a lot more than if you hit 14/15 and in turn, you’ll win more per £1 of your stake hitting 14/15 than you will hitting 13/15.

Each dividend is worked out based on a £1 stake. So let’s use an example to see how it would work. Let’s assume you and one other player have hit 15/15 and have a share of the £100,000 jackpot prize. However the other player wagered £1 on his bet slip, while you wagered £4 on yours.

In this case, the £100,000 jackpot would be shared between you based on five dividends of £20,000 as that is how many units of £1 both winners bet between them. However, your share of the dividends would be 4 x £20,000 (£80,000), while the other persons share would be 1 x £20,000 (£20,000) as they only wagered a quarter of the amount you did.

This is a very simple example and the actual amounts and number of dividends, especially for the 14/15 and 13/15 dividends can be much more complicated, but the process is essentially the same.

When can I place my Football Jackpot bet on Coral?

You can place your Football Jackpot bet with Coral Sports at any point during the week before the first game on the coupon kicks off (which is usually 3pm on a Saturday). As soon as Coral have the next coupon up on the site (which is usually shortly after the final game on the current coupon has been played), then you can place bets for the next set of games.