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Imagine you have joined Bet365 Poker and have deposited a moderate sum of money into your bankroll. If you are a relative newcomer to the world of poker and in particular to the Bet365 Poker site, then you’ll no doubt be wondering how you can start to build your bankroll, and not lose it all very quickly like so many newcomers to the site do on a seemingly daily basis.

Of course, whether or not you can build your bankroll depends on two very different things, your skill at your chosen variation of poker and the luck of the cards that you receiv. Therefore, it would seem that there is little difference in selecting which games to play as you’d stand roughly the same chance of winning or losing any of them.

This is a fallacy; you can drastically improve your chances of turning even a modest initial bankroll into something more substantial if you carefully target certain types of games to play and avoid playing other versions of the game on the Bet365 Poker site, until your skills and bankroll are sufficient enough to make that viable.

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Here’s how:

Step 1: Hit the Bet365 Poker University and claim your free tournament tokens for new players.

Before you even spend a penny of your bankroll, the first thing you should do as a new player on Bet365 Poker is head to the Bet365 Poker University and enrol on their course. There are three courses available and you are tested on the course on the knowledge. If you complete the first introduction to poker course, you’ll gain a free token to enter the next new depositor freeroll (which takes place each week on a Wednesday night at 7.30pm).

Complete the second section on strategy and you’ll also gain a free token for the next Poker University free roll event (which takes place each week on a Thursday night at 7.30pm) and if you complete the advanced strategy section, you’ll gain some Merit Points added to your account, which can be redeemed for cash once you have accrued enough.

These new player freeroll events are a great way to bolster your initial bankroll as you are only playing against other players who have newly joined the site each week and there is usually a generous pot available (the New Depositor Freeroll usually has a total pot of 100 Euro).  Usually you are playing against small numbers of relatively inexperienced players giving you a better chance of winning, and they cost you nothing to enter.

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Step 2: Carefully target which games to play to maximise your chances of success each time.

One aspect of the Bet365 Poker site that I am not particularly keen on is the ‘cluttered’ nature of the user interface and it can be daunting for players to try and figure their way around the site as a result. So to help you, here’s the games to target as a relative newcomer to the site that will offer you the best chance to build your bankroll.

1. Sit N Go – Double Up Games – These are the best place to start playing for real cash on the site. In these games either two, four, six or ten players each pay their buy in (plus a rake to the casino) and if you are still playing after half of your table have lost all their chips, then you win and you double your money. So if you are playing on a table with 10 players, you need to finish in the top five, six players top three, four players the top two etc.  These are by far and away the best games to target to help build up your bankroll, but remember only play to stakes that are commensurate (about 5%) of your total bankroll. So if you have £20 to play with, only play for £2 stakes maximum.

2. Micro Stakes MTT’s – Admittedly, you stand very little chance of winning any cash in a large-scale MTT, especially when you enter at the satellite stage for micro stakes, but playing against other players in a tournament format is worth the potential loss alone for the experience you will gain. Plus there is always the chance you may earn a place in the next round. This is a great way to gain  valuable tournament experience at only a small cost to your bankroll (and there is always the slim chance you could possibly earn something back if you get to the final stages!)

Step Three; Don’t make these beginner’s mistakes

1. Avoid the cash tables initially – play on these tables is of a generally high standard and inexperienced players provide more experienced players with easy pickings on a daily basis.

2. Don’t buy in more than your bankroll can afford – If you are buying into events that are eating up large portions of your bankroll, don’t be surprised if you reach empty quickly. Only buy into events you can afford. You are far more likely to build your bankroll successfully slowly, than by a series of fortunate, high-risk big wins.

3. Don’t play predictably – The standard of play on Bet365 Poker is generally pretty good, players who play to a formula or too predictably are easy for experienced players to pick off. Vary your play and you’ll find the profits stack up far more quickly.

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