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Alongside all the UK-based sport taking place over the Christmas and New Year period (which we will bring you more of next week), there is also a busy period of games for teams in the NFL with the final two game weeks of the season taking place over the next fortnight and of course, you can enjoy all the latest betting on the NFL right now at Coral Sport.

There’s still plenty to decide in each of the eight conferences, so let’s now take a look at how things stand and also which fixtures each team will face on the final two weekends of the Regular Season.

AFC East

Team Won Lost Tie   Week 16 Week 17
New England Patriots 11 3 0 V Bills V Jets
Buffalo Bills 8 6 0 At Patriots V Dolphins
Miami Dolphins 6 8 0 At Chiefs At Bills
New York Jets 5 9 0 V Chargers At Patriots

As It Stands: New England are AFC East Winners

In with a chance of the Playoffs: Buffalo Bills & Miami Dolphins

With their win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, two more wins against the Bills and the Jets would confirm New England Patriots as the AFC’s top seed and mean any Playoff opponent would have the unenviable task of beating Bill Belichick’s team on their own soil in January, not a prospect any AFC team is likely to want to face.

The Miami Dolphins need to win out against the Chiefs and Bills to stand any chance of a playoff spot and even then that may not be enough if the Bills can beat New England this coming weekend. It is likely only a 9-7 record will guarantee a playoff spot in the AFC this year and Miami cannot achieve that, so are reliant on other results going their way. A single win for the Buffalo Bills should see them into the playoffs, but they face two tough divisional games to complete their schedule.

AFC North

Team Won Lost Tie   Week 16 Week 17
Pittsburgh Steelers 11 3 0 At Texans V Browns
Baltimore Ravens 8 6 0 V Colts V Bengals
Cincinnati Bengals 5 9 0 V Lions At Ravens
Cleveland Browns 0 14 0 At Bears At Steelers

As It Stands: Pittsburgh Steelers are AFC North Winners

In with a chance of the Playoffs: Baltimore Ravens

With the Pittsburgh Steelers losing their home game to New England Patriots this past weekend, with that defeat likely went their chance of top seeding in the AFC as if they and tha Patriots both finish with 13-3 records, as is likely, that win for the Patriots puts them ahead on the head-to-head between the teams meaning the Steelers will most likely be the AFC’s second seed in the playoffs.

With two very winnable games against the Colts and Bengals, the Baltimore Ravens should finish with a 10-6 record which should be plenty for them to qualify for the playoffs. The Bengals and desperately poor Browns are already out of the reckoning.

AFC South

Team Won Lost Tie   Week 16 Week 17
Jacksonville Jaguars 10 4 0 At 49ers At Titans
Tennessee Titans 8 6 0 V Rams V Jaguars
Houston Texans 4 10 0 V Steelers At Colts
Indianapolis Colts 3 11 0 At Ravens V Texans

As It Stands: Jacksonville need one win to clinch the AFC South

In with a chance of the Playoffs: Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars

A win for the Jacksonville Jaguars against the 49ers next weekend will be enough for them to clinch the title of AFC South Champions but they’ll need a major slip-up from the Steelers or Patriots in order to avoid finishing as the third seed in the AFC and thus face a Wildcard Round game.

The Tennessee Titans have two very tough games to finish against the freescoring L.A Rams and their divisional rivals Jacksonville Jaguars. One win should be enough to confirm the Titans in the playoffs, but the Titans are struggling and if any team with an 8-6 record will miss out, given their schedule, it could well be them. The Texans and Colts are already out of the reckoning.

AFC West

Team Won Lost Tie   Week 16 Week 17
Kansas City Chiefs 8 6 0 V Dolphins At Broncos
L.A Chargers 7 7 0 At Jets V Raiders
Oakland Raiders 6 8 0 At Eagles At Chargers
Denver Broncos 5 9 0 At Redskins V Chiefs

As It Stands: Nothing has been decided in the AFC West

In with a chance of the Playoffs: Kansas City, L.A Chargers, Oakland Raiders

The AFC West is the most open division in this conference with the Chiefs and Chargers still vying for top spot and the Oakland Raiders still in with a chance of a playoff sport if they can win their last two games, which is a tall order given that they face the 12-2 Eagles in their first game. The Kansas City Chiefs should win the division as they have two winnable fixtures remaining, but the Los Angeles Chargers could spring a surprise and if they can win both their games, they could knock Tennessee out of the playoff positions.

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Although only one game behind Oakland, the Denver Broncos are eliminated from contention for the playoffs.

NFC East

Team Won Lost Tie   Week 16 Week 17
Philadelphia Eagles 12 2 0 V Raiders V Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys 8 6 0 V Seattle At Eagles
Washington Redskins 6 8 0 V Broncos At Giants
New York Giants 2 12 0 At Cardinals V Redskins

As It Stands: Phladelphia Eagles are the NFC East Winners

In with a chance of the Playoffs: Dallas Cowboys

The Philadelphia Eagles have romped the NFC East and look a good bet to finish as the NFC’s top seed this year, with only Minnesota potentially able to beat them to that spot. Nine wins should be enough to get you into the playoffs this year in the NFC so the Dallas Cowboys need one win against Seattle or the Eagles to reach that figure.  The very poor Giants and Redskins are already eliminated from playoff contention.

NFC North

Team Won Lost Tie   Week 16 Week 17
Minnesota Vikings 11 3 0 At Packers V Bears
Detroit Lions 8 6 0 At Bengals V Packers
Green Bay Packers 7 7 0 v Vikings At Lions
Chicago Bears 4 10 0 V Browns At Vikings

As It Stands: Minnesota Vikings are the NFC North Winners

In with a chance of the Playoffs: Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers

A very solid campaign has seen the Minnesota Vikings celebrate their first season in their new stadium with the NFC North title and a likely second seed in the NFC, provided they can win their last two games, otherwise they could face pressire from the New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams or Carolina Panthers.

The Detroit Lions look a solid bet for the playoffs if they can win this week’s clash with the Bengals as they have the Packers at home, but Aaron Rodgers is back for the Green Bay Packers and if he can lead his team to successive wins against the Vikings and Lions, the Pack could yet steal a Playoff berth and if they do, with Rodgers at the helm, they can beat anybody.

NFC South

Team Won Lost Tie   Week 16 Week 17
New Orleans Saints 10 4 0 V Falcons At Buccaneers
Carolina Panthers 10 4 0 V Buccaneers At Falcons
Atlanta Falcons 8 5 0 At Saints V Panthers
Tampa Bay Bucs 4 9 0 At Panthers V Saints

As It Stands: Nothing has been decided in the NFC South

In with a chance of the Playoffs: New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons

This always looked like being a battling division and with the result of this week’s game between the Atlanta Falcons and Tampa Bay Buccaneers not due in until later tonight, assuming the Falcons win, then there is still everything up for grabs in this division. All teams face two divisional games to finish off with the critical games being Atlanta Falcons two matches against the New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers. It will be the results of these three games that decide who is the Divisional Champ and whether one or two teams from this division make it into the playoffs.

NFC West

Team Won Lost Tie   Week 16 Week 17
L.A Rams 10 4 0 At Titans V 49ers
Seattle Seahawks 8 6 0 At Cowboys V Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals 6 8 0 V Giants At Seahawks
San Francisco 49ers 4 10 0 V Jaguars At Rams

As It Stands: L.A.Rams  are the NFC West Champions

In with a chance of the Playoffs: Seattle Seahawks

With Arizona and San Francisco already eliminated, the Los Angeles Rams comprehensive trashing of the Seattle Seahawks this past weekend means they are the divisional champions as even if the Seahawks level their records by winning both their final two games, and the Rams lose both theirs, the Rams are still ahead on head-to-head. Seattle’s best hope of the playoffs is to win their last two games.