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Sit n Go games are ideal for poker players who like to experience different kinds of games as they play, rather than just sticking to one variant of the game. On Bet365 Poker, the Sit n Go menu offers access to a variety of different games and tournaments, each of which offers the player a chance to experience a different form of poker.

Satellites offer players the chance to play their way through qualifying stages of high ranking poker tournaments, often with hundreds of thousands of pounds as prize money, in order to try and win a seat at the big main event thanks to finishing in a designated place in the tournament.

Heads Up poker offers players the chance to play a variety of poker games (including Omaha, 7 Card Stud and No Limit Hold’em) against one other player.

Jackpot Sit n Go are a group of tournaments with different buy in levels, where a player has to win a certain number of each type of tournament in a row to win a jackpot. For example, the Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit n Go sees players take on 11 opponents at a cost of $2 per game. If the player can win four games at the table in a row, without losing once in between, they qualify for a jackpot of $2,000.

Double Up games are excellent games for novice players to begin playing. There are a number of different variants of this game with the size of the blinds increasing slowly, quickly (turbo) or very quickly (super turbo). You can play for as little as $1, or as much as $500 and you win by being in the top half of finishers at your table. So if you play on a table of six players, if you finish in the top three you double your buy in money.

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Tip 1: Play at a stake level that will not unduly damage your bankroll

Golden rule on playing any game in Sit n Go is to play the game you want at a buy in level appropriate to your bankroll. Don’t start playing $10 Double Up games if you just have $30 to start with. Instead, start on the $1 games and build your bankroll as you improve your skills.

This means you can absorb losses without wiping out your vital source of cash and when you start to add money to your account, you can begin to target the more expensive games.

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Tip 2: Novice players should target Double Up games

If you are a novice player then my advice is to immediately begin playing on the Double Up games simply because your chances of winning in each game are so much higher. In these games you do not have to beat all the other players, only half of those at your table.

So if you play on a table with six players for a $1 buy in and you and two other players manage to eliminate three other players, then you each double your buy in money and receive $2.

These games are a great way to build your bankroll initially by playing for smaller stakes against opponents who tend to be less experienced than players frequenting other games on the site.

Tip 3: Satellites are a cheap way to enter big tournament – but your chances are slim

Sit n Go Satellites offer players a chance to win entry into some of the bigger events run by Bet365 Poker, often with prize funds of hundreds of thousands of dollars and large buy ins (in excess of $50 or more).

Of course, the more popular and valuable a tournament is, the more players it attracts, so the you know your chances of even progressing through the satellite at a big event are relatively small as you could be up against thousands of other places for between 3 and 10 places.

Play in the satellites is variable – they cheaper satellite’s do attract novice players so progressing in the early stages of a tournament isn’t too difficult, but when you get down to the last few hundred you are playing against experienced players and it does get much, much tougher.

Tip 4: Winning the jackpot isn’t easy

It is tempting to look at the Jackpot games and think that winning four times against 11 other players isn’t beyond the realms of possibility, especially if you are an accomplished player, but it is actually very difficult to achieve.

While winning four times in a given space of time is entirely possible, doing so consecutively is extremely difficult. A defeat means you end your current streak and must start again and as you know, the vagaries of poker mean that nothing is certain and that even the best players with the best hands can lose from time to time.

Jackpot games are also tough, there are 11 other players on the table who are also looking to win their own jackpot and in the game I have played, the level of play has been generally very good.

These games are excellent to develop your poker skills, but just don’t think of them as an easy way to try and land a $2,000 bonus, winning the bonus requires not just superb poker skills, but an immense amount of luck as well.

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