Earn Your Share of $100,000 on Bet365 Poker’s New Premium Tables

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If you are a member of Bet365 Poker, then from Tuesday 7th May until Wednesday 5th June then you have a chance to earn yourself a little extra cash if you decide to do a little playing on Bet365 Poker’s brand new Premium Tables.

Click on the new “Premium Tables” link in the gaming menu once you have logged in and this will bring up a number of Premium Tables that are currently in operation and open for play.

Games range from being heads up (between two players) to tables of six and the blinds range from $0.02/0.04 per hand up to a maximum of $2/$4 per hand. Given that these games are aimed at the lower-stakes players, then this is a good opportunity for novice players to potentially earn a little extra playing cash, as well as gaining key experience in playing against other talented players, over the next few weeks.

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How do I earn a slice of the $100,000 on offer?

If you decide to play on the Premium Tables over the coming month then you can earn money to add to your bankroll. Firstly, if you win while playing in the rooms, then obviously you win that cash to add to your balance as you would playing in any other game on the site.

However, the real bonus is that because you are playing in the promoted Premium Tables, you will earn prize draw tickets twice as fast as you would playing on any of the other table on the site.

As readers of this column will know, Prize Draw tickets are how Bet365 reward their longer serving and more frequent players. The more money you spent on the site, then the more prize draw tickets you earn and the more chance you have of winning a daily cash prize between the 7th May and 5th June.

There are 350 cash prizes to be won every day in the Prize Draw, ranging from a top prize of $250 a 2nd and 3rd prize of $100, 4th to 6th win $75, 7th to 15th win $50, 16th to 30th will receive $25, 31st to 50th will receive $15, 51st to 80th $10 and lastly those drawn 81st to 350th will receive a $5 prize.

Obviously the more prize draw tickets you earn then the more chance you have of winning a daily prize and the bonus from playing on the Premium Tables is that Bet365 Poker will double the amount of tickets you would ordinarily win from one session.

So if you earn 15 points on a normal table, you would win one prize draw ticket. However, earn 15 points on the Premium Tables this month and you’ll earn two tickets!

Best of all, if you play enough to earn yourself 15 tickets in any one days play on the Premium tables, then you will earn yourself a GUARANTEED prize.

If you are not selected in the daily draw to receive any of the 350 prizes on offer, then you will instead receive a Mystery Prize from Bet365 Poker!

How do I enter this promotion?

If you would like to enter this promotion on Bet365 Poker then you do need to opt in to be included on the promotion. Simply visit the website and log in, find the $100,000 Premium Giveaway information and click on the “Opt In” hyperlink in the text. Enter your details and password and you’ll then be entered into the promotion.

All you need to do then is ensure that you play enough each day to earn at least 15 Prize Draw tickets and if you do, you’ll be guaranteed a mystery prize, with a chance to win up to $250 on any day that you earn enough tickets from your play on the Premium Tables.

The offer runs for just over a month and looks a good way for novice players to have a little extra chance of earning some cash either through playing, or through earning enough Prize Draw tickets to qualify for the promo bonus.

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