Best UK Mobile Poker Apps

If you are a punter that uses their mobile predominantly to place bets and access mobile betting sites, then you’ll be well aware that sometimes, mobile customers may have to put up with a PokerStars Sports Bettingshortened or simplified service from some providers.

While this is particularly evident on some poker and casino sites, it is also occasionally the case in the sports betting industry, so with that in mind, how does PokerStars new sports betting site perform on mobile devices?

Well, we decided to take a look this week and it seems like it is good news for mobile sports betting fans!

How do I access PokerStars Sports on mobile?

Obviously, one of the first things you will need to know is where to access the site and the good news is that both PokerStars Sports and the sister Casino site are all accessible from the new and updated PokerStars Poker mobile app.

The app does work off where you are based and there are differences in the download based on where you are (US-based customers for example get a different version to UK customers). In this review we focused on what was available for UK-based customers.

A quick search for Pokerstars in the App Store, or heading to the Pokerstars site on your Android browser, will give you the easiest options to download and install the app.

Once installed, simply use your PokerStars log in details to access the app as you would the website. If you don’t have a PokerStars UK Sportsbook account already you can join today by clicking on the link.

It is that simple to sign up and at load up, you’ll be presented with the default page, which is for PokerStars Poker site. Simply look along the bottom of the page of the app and you’ll see the Sports option. Tap this and you’ll instantly load up PokerStars Sports home page.

What is available on PokerStars Sports Mobile compared to the website version?

PokerStars Sports Betting MobileThe great news for sports betting fans is that you can access all the same bets, sporting markets and offers and promotions from the mobile version of the site as you can from the website version.

What this means in a nutshell is that PokerStars Sports offers you the same wide range of betting markets across a number of different sports as a mobile customer, as they do for a customer accessing the site from their laptop or desktop.

There’s no minimising of options or curtailed service here. You can even access all the same promotions as on the website, deposit and withdraw cash. In fact, everything you can do on the website, you can also do from within the app itself.

The navigation throughout the app is very similar to how you navigate on the website, the only different being that instead of clicking on options with a mouse, you do so with your finger. Once you have found a market to bet on, placing a bet is the same process too, just click on the odds, enter your stake and click the Place Bet button and your bet will be accepted.

You can also access PokerStars sports In Play betting section direct from the app, as well as listing all the available promotions on the service. There is also a link to the extensive results section so you can keep tabs on how selected events you are interested in have gone.

Are there any problems with the mobile app?

We reviewed PokerStars mobile service on an older iPad and the iPhone 5S as well as a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. On each device, the software performed well, though I felt the service was considerably smoother on the Apple devices (though this may well be down to specific hardware, rather than the PokerStars software itself).

On the Apple devices in particular, using the app was extremely easy and as quick, if not quicker, than placing a bet using the website on a desktop PC.

In short, regardless of how you opt to access the mobile service from PokerStars Sport, you will find a smooth, simple and easy to use interface that makes betting with the site a breeze.