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We love listening to something when we’re on our commute, cooking or going for a walk at the weekend. And we’ve got lots of casino podcasts that are well worth adding to your must-listen pile.

Ranging from just plain interesting stories to industry insights, there are options out there for everyone. We think you’re going to love the variety on our list…

Five Hundy by Midnight

One of the OGs of the casino podcasts world, Five Hundy by Midnight has been running since 2005. Host Tim Dressen is obsessed with Vegas and has roped in wife and co-host Michele to take part in this weekly outlet of his passion. Particularly good if you’re planning a casino vacation, this podcast takes you through the latest and greatest Las Vegas hotels, casinos and restaurants, along with a whole lot of other great tips and insider knowledge. 

You Can Bet On That

Designed to appeal to recreational gamblers, You Can Bet On That is a whirlwind of a show. Mark DeVol and Dr. Mike are your hosts and they take you through everything you need to know about playing casino games for fun. You’re going to get run throughs of basic strategy here, as well as advice on what and where to play. They’re also bang up to date with the latest news in the gambling world too, which can be extremely useful.

The Business of Social Games and Casino

Want to take a look under the hood of gambling? The Business of Social Games and Casino is one of the best casino podcasts for that! Lloyd Melnick knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the business of casino games. He’s been in senior management in several global companies and has years of experience. So even though this podcast series hasn’t been updated in all that long, this is a great listen for anyone who’s interested in either getting involved in the business or wants to know more about how it’s run. Episodes are bite-sized, usually well under 10 minutes, so it’s easy to play a few and get a feel for the vibe.

99% Invisible

Are we cheating by having 99% Invisible in our list of casino podcasts? Maybe just a little. You see, 99% Invisible is by no stretch of the imagination just about casino culture. It’s a general look at architecture and design, taking notice of the things that we don’t tend to examine all too often. And they’ve done a couple of great episodes on things casino players are going to love. Lessons from Las Vegas is a great place to start. It’s all about how Las Vegas architecture has played a big role in influencing buildings in the wider world. Another fantastic episode for casino lovers is No Armed Bandit, all about how the design of slot machines came into being.

And where can I play casino games online?

After all that chat about casino podcasts, you might be inspired to play a few games yourself. Well the quickest and easiest way to do just that is by going to an online casino. Depending on your jurisdiction, options may vary. But one online casino that’s available in lots of places AND is a whole lot of fun is bet365. And we just so happen to have this bet365 bonus code for newbies…

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