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If you are a customer at Bet365 Poker, did you know that hidden amongst all their promotions and offers is a special Jackpot Sit N Go challenge? Where four to six wins in a row (depending on the table you choose to play at) in this section of the site will not just win you plenty of cash from your opponents but a number of big cash bonuses from the website.

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To navigate to the section on the site, you simply click on the Sit & Go tab in the poker tables section and then glance down the list and click on the Jackpot Sit & Go option. This will bring up a list of the available tables, of which there are four different types, each with their own special bonus prize, winning conditions and buy in level.

Dirty Dozen Tables

Dirty Dozen tables are just $2 per game buy in with a $0.40 rake paid to the Bet365 Poker. These games are very popular with novice and more experienced players alike. You face off against twelve other opponents on each table meaning a total winnable pot of $24. The last player standing at the table with all the chips wins $24.

BONUS – If you can then repeat this success FOUR times in a row on Dirty Dozen tables, then Bet365 Poker will pay you an added bonus of $2,000!


Maui tables are $5 per game to buy in with a $1 rake paid to Bet365 Poker. Again, these games are popular as with 10 players at the table, there is $50 at stake for the winner at the table.

BONUS – If you win FIVE Maui games in a row, then you’ll not only take home $250 in winnings, but an added bonus of $28,500 from Bet365 Poker, plus if you get five top two finishes in a row at the Maui tables, you will win a $200 consolation prize.


Rio tables cost $20 to play at with $3.50 paid to Bet365 casino. There are six players seated at the Rio tables mean that there is $120 in the pot available for one lucky winner to have. Rio games, being more expensive are not quite as popular as the other games, so you may face a slight wait if you wish to play these tables.

BONUS – Win six Rio games in a row and Bet365 will pay you a $70,000 jackpot on top of your $720 in winnings!, there is also a consolation prize available of $300 for any player who achieves six top 2 finishes in succession.

Fort Knox

The richest table in the Jackpot offer, costing $50 to sit with a $9 rake paid to Bet365 Poker. Here you play against six other players for a pot of $300. There are only a couple of Fort Knox games available to play at any one time as they are not quite as popular as other games.

BONUS – If you prove to be a Fort Knox superstar and win six games in a row at this table, you’ll win a whopping $115,000 bonus on top of your $1,800 winnings. Get six consecutive top 2 finishes to earn yourself a consolation prize of $750.

Of course, winning these bonuses is not easy. In each game you’ll be facing some high calibre opponents, each determined to end your winning streak, take home the pot and give themselves a chance of the jackpot too, however if you are a player that seems to be “streaky” and can win several games at once, then the Dirty Dozen and Maui tables as an affordable option may well be worthwhile looking at.

The Rio and Fort Knox tables are ones that I wouldn’t advise novices to play too often as they are expensive to play, with relatively high rakes to pay and these tables do tend to attract the more experienced and better resources players.

Last year, Bet365 Poker paid out over $250,000 in bonuses to players who attempted these wins, so it can be done, but our advice is to stick to the smaller stakes rooms as a novice and try to win the pots available and let the bonuses take care of themselves!

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