We’re always keen to showcase what our partner sites have to offer beyond the usual and at Coral Sport, there is one particular game that draws plenty of interest every week, both from football fans and also from fans of National Lottery style games. This is the Football Jackpot game and every week there is a big jackpot waiting to be won.

How much that jackpot is depends on a number of different factors and in this article we’ll explore not just how you can participate in the Football Jackpot offer each week, but also how the jackpot is worked out and paid out to any lucky winners.

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It is here that you will find the Football Jackpot coupon available every week and here is how you can go about taking part to give yourself a chance at landing that top jackpot prize.

Coral Football Jackpot Explained

Finding the Coral Football Jackpot section is very simple as there is a direct link to it on the Coral Sports homepage. Just click on the tab entitled Football Jackpot and you will load up the page dedicated to the offer.

Each week Coral will select a total of 15 different football matches from a variety of leagues and competitions which will all be taking place across the weekend. Matches are usually selected from the four main English professional leagues (Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two) but on some weekends, fixtures from other competitions or in other countries may also be used on the coupon.

Listed next to each of the selected games is the date of the match and a kick off time. To the right of the match are the three possible results that the game could finish in. That is either a home win, a draw or a win for the away team.

Listed underneath the matches is the Stake Per Line selector which has a number of different prices selected ranging from 0.25 per line, up to £20 per line. This is obviously where you can select the stake you want to place on each line of your bet. The minimum bet on the Football Jackpot is £1, so some stakes may be greyed out and not available until you have made your selections on the coupon.

Following this is your Bet Summary which will explain the bet you have formulated, including the number of lines you need to cover with the bet and what the total stake for that bet will be. Beside this is the Place Bet button, which is what you click to place the bet when you are happy that all your selections and stakes are as you want them.

As you can probably guess, the aim of the game is to go through the 15 selected matches and pick the correct result of each game. You do this by clicking on the desired result in the section next to the match so that it is highlighted. You must enter at least one result for each of the 15 games in order for your entry to be valid.

What makes the Football Jackpot different however is that you are not limited to a single selection from the list of games. You can, if you prefer, make two selections of results from a match, or even cover all three selections. However, in doing this, you have additional lines to cover with each bet and as such, the total cost of your bet will increase.

You can keep track of the total cost of your bet at the foot of the coupon which will update in real time as you add selections to your bet slip and of course, you can adjust the Stake Per Line selector to increase or reduce the total value of your bet as you see fit.

The general rule of thumb is the more selections you have for each game, the more flexible your bet is but the more lines you will need to cover with your bet. Once you have completed your selections on the coupon and you are happy with your stake size and total bet value, click on the Place Bet button to enter your coupon and you can then sit back and see how the games pan out over the weekend to see if your bet wins.

What do I win if I land a successful Football Jackpot bet?

The first thing to note is that Football Jackpot prizes are not a set amount of money and the amount available to be won depends on the amount of money wagered on the promotion in that weekend, together with if there has been any Rollovers in the weeks preceding the current week.

Of the total amount of money taken on the game, Coral make 70% of the total cash available each week as the jackpot prize. In addition, there are consolation prizes of 20% and 10% available each weekend for players that land 14 or 13 correct matches on any of their lines.

Of course, some players may enter the same selections as each other so it is possible that there will be more than one winner of each of the top prizes. In this instance, all players that win a prize would earn a fair and equitable share of the prize pool.

How the prizes are divided up is best shown by means of a very simple example:

Let’s say that on one particular weekend, Coral took £100,000 in cash on The Football Jackpot game. Dividing this up between the winning pots would mean £70,000 available for 15/15 results, £20,000 available for 14/15 results and £10,000 available for 13/15 results hit correctly.

Now let’s say that two players manage to land 15/15 results, 20 players hit 14/15 and 100 players hit 13/15 results.

  • In this case, the two players who get the maximum 15/15 results would share the £70,000 between them, receiving £35,000 each.
  • The 20 players that hit 14/15 results would share the £20,000 prize equally giving them a prize of £1,000 apiece.
  • Finally, the 100 players who hit 13/15 results share the £10,000 prize between them, which means they would receive £100 each as their dividend.

If in any given week the 15/15 results jackpot prize is not won, then the money will roll over into the next Football Jackpot game and added to the Main Jackpot fund. So, if the following week Coral once again took £100,000 in total, the jackpot fund for that week would be £70,000, plus the £70,000 from the week before when nobody won the big jackpot prize.

Lucky Dip Selection

You can, if you wish, use the Lucky Dip function on the Football Jackpot coupon page to randomly select one result for each of the 15 matches and you can place that as your bet for a £1 unit stake. You can also modify the bet if you like to one you do want to place. This is a similar option to the Lucky Dip option on National Lottery style games.

So if you enjoy the lottery, football pools, or football score prediction games and fancy a chance at winning a top jackpot prize each week, give Coral Sport’s Football Jackpot game a try.