Big Birthday For Golf’s Darling Tournament

British Open preview

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear British Open, happy birthday to you. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get this British Open preview underway.

We’ve got everything you need to know about one of the hottest and most anticipated golfing events of every year. But this year, the British Open is set to be even more special due to its landmark birthday celebrations!

What’s so special about 2022’s British Open?

Along with the PGA Championship and the US Open, the British Open is a major. But that’s not the only thing to get majorly excited about in the run up to this golf tournament.

2022 marks the 150th British Open. It was founded way back in 1860, making it the oldest golf tournament on the planet. As well as that, many regard it as the most prestigeous too. Playing in it is a huge deal and winning it is like the golf equivalent of winning the Main Event of the WSOP.

When is the British Open?

Unlike say Wimbledon, golf tournaments are over relatively fast. They don’t stretch out for weeks or months like other sports. No, instead, this British Open preview can reveal the action starts on Thursday, 14 July and is over just a few short days later on Sunday, 18 July.

What’s the course for the 2022 British Open?

Fittingly for such a landmark year, the 2022 British Open will be played on the world’s oldest golf course. The Grand Old Lady, also known as the Old Course, St Andrews in Fife, Scotland, will play host.

And how old is this Grand Old Lady? Her birth year is apparently 1552. So yes, she is surely deserving of her title!

Can the British Open preview predict who’s playing?

Don’t quote us on this, but we’ll try. Of course, anything can happen before the event. But here’s what we’ve heard on the grapevine…

Lots of the biggest names in golf have already confirmed they’ll play the much anticipated tournament. These big golf stars include Northern Irish darling Rory McIlroy, Spanish stud Jon Rahm and, of course, the legendary Tiger Woods.

A total of 156 players are set to take part in this tournament. This number is made up of former Open winners, major winners, world ranked players among others. As well as the professionals, the amatuer players who have proven their mettal in big competitions are also invited.

However, not everyone is delighted by the line up. Greg Norman tried to get an exemption to the age restriction for this year’s British Open, but was denied.

Who’s going to win the British Open?

This British Open preview surely can’t predict that so far in advance. But if you have a feeling, you can already act on your suspicions.

Many experts think that Jon Rahm, Rory McIlroy, Collin Morikawa and Scottie Scheffler all have a great chance of coming out on top. If you think they do too, or your money’s on a different player, you can place a bet to win outright at bet365.

Betting before the tournament take place can sometimes secure really impressive odds. And when you bet during the tournament, you can take advantage of the live golf tracker feature and six shooter golf bets, and much more.


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