BetStars Boxing Bets

There’s no doubting that when it comes to sporting contests, Boxing and the Dana White owned UFC are amongst the toughest and most brutal in sport. The visceral contest between two fighters BetStars Boxing UFC Betsbattling for supremacy may be as old as humanity itself, but its appeal to the fight fan is no less diminished by the passage of time.

Certainly, while boxing and UFC remain as popular as they are, they will also attract a heavy following when it comes to the betting market, so how does the newly renamed BetStars UK sportsbook do when it comes to offering its customers high quality boxing and mixed martial arts betting action?

Market availability

While boxing and the UFC are both year round sports without proper ‘seasons’ that are part and parcel of other sports (such as soccer, cricket and NFL) the amount of betting opportunities you can get on, especially in the Highlights column is dependent on when the next big night of action is.

If there isn’t a great deal of top quality boxing taking place within the next two weeks, the Highlights section may be a little sparse, but don’t fret as there is still plenty of other alternatives available if you scroll along to the Competitions tab.

Here you can scroll between Boxing and UFC and displayed under each of these sub-headings will be a list of top fights that are scheduled to take place over the coming weeks and months. Indeed for some of the most prestigious boxing and UFC matches, you may well be able to place a bet on the winner many months in advance of the contest taking place.

A couple of examples

UFC Betting Markets BetStarsOne of the biggest fights last year in boxing was the Heavyweight title clash between Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko, which the underdog Fury won by a unanimous decision. Part of the contract negotiations saw Klitschko guarantee himself a rematch in the case of defeat if he wanted it, and the Ukranian has exercised that right to fight Fury again in August 2016.

However, you can already place bets on this fight with BetStars, with Tyson Fury the even money shot to retain the title and Klitschko the slight 4/5 favourite to regain his belts.

As a second example, in the UFC, one of the biggest surprises of the year was unbeaten ace Ronda Rousey losing her title to Holly Holm. Once again, the UFC have sanctioned a rematch which will take place in June this year and you can place a bet with BetStars on the outcome of this huge women’s UFC rematch. Rousey is the 13/20 shot for revenge, with Holm the 23/20 outsider.

What markets can I bet on?

The further in the future a boxing match is, then the likelihood is you will only be able to bet on which of the two boxers will be declared the winner of the fight.

However, in the run up to the massive boxing matches and especially on the day of the fight, then you will likely find that you have a wide number of other betting markets to bet on for the fight. It does depend somewhat on how high profile the fight is however. Low prestige events won’t have that many boxing markets to bet on, but huge events, such as the Fury v Klitschko and Rousey v Holm match ups outlined above, will have a significant number of additional markets available to bet on in addition to who the eventual winner of the fight will be.

In Play

Furthermore, when a boxing match is taking place, you can load up the BetStars site on your mobile device and place bets in play on the match as it progresses.

It is fair to say that the real potential of BetStars Boxing and UFC betting options are only really available to see when a big fight is looming close on the horizon, however the chance to bet on fights well in advance should keep most punters who enjoy a flutter on the fight game, well entertained.