Your Quick And Easy Guide To Blackjack

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If you’re new to the world of blackjack, it might seem kind of confusing. Look at videos of people playing blackjack and it sounds like they’re speaking a totally different language and it can be confusing to work out why they are doing what they’re doing. We get that it might look like a steep learning curve, but we’re here to tell you that once you get your head around the blackjack basics, things will be a whole lot simpler. Here’s a quick and easy run through of what you need to know.

Why is the dealer such a big deal in blackjack?

In most casino and card games, the dealer is neutral. They just dish out the cards and allow the game to play out. But it’s different in blackjack. The dealer is your opponent. Your goal is to beat the dealer while you play.

What’s the significance of 21 in blackjack?

The major goal in blackjack is to get to 21 before the dealer or to get closer than the dealer does. But you can’t go over 21 or else you lose the game. That’s why 21 is such an important number in the game of blackjack, everything revolves around it. For that reason, blackjack is often known as 21.

How does the game play out?

Every player, and the dealer, gets dealt one face up card when the game starts. Then everyone gets a second card. The players cards are face up, but that sneaky dealer’s card is face down. So you only know half the story when it comes to the dealer.

The next thing you need to know about blackjack basics is how the points are calculated. And that’s easy once you know how. Every number card is worth its face value. Then if you’ve got a royal, they’re worth 10 points each. Things get interesting when it comes to the Ace. It can be worth one or 11 points, making it a very useful card to have in the game of blackjack.

Once you’ve got your starting hand and have calculated your points, you can decided to take an action. You can…

  • Hit: get another card
  • Stand: keep your hand as is
  • Double down: double your bet and get another card
  • Split: when you have two cards of the same value, you can create two new hands using those cards as the base

After the players take their actions, the dealer takes theirs. The start off by revealing their face down card. Then they keep taking cards until they score 17 or more. After that point, the winner is determined based on who got closer to 21.

Where can I practice blackjack basics online?

Now that you’ve got your blackjack basics under your belt, it’s time to test out your skills. But our motto is slowly does it, especially for newbies. So we’d recommend that you try an online casino that gives you plenty of opportunities to take your own time. That’s why we think bet365 is a fine choice. You can play from pretty low stakes, which gives you lots of room to test the waters for a relatively small investment. Then when you start getting more confident, you can slowly start to play for bigger budgets and see how you get on.

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