Sky Poker Magnificent Seven Promotion

The original Magnificent Seven (not the soon-to-be-released 2016 remake) brought together a stellar cast including Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn and Magnificent 7 PromoSteve McQueen to tell the tale of seven gunmen, hired by the peasants of a Mexican village to protect them and their property from a rampaging hoard of bandits.

However, when it comes to Sky Poker’s version, things are a little different. Your only weapon is your poker skills and good fortune and there’s no enemy, simply other Sky Poker players out to try and earn their share of a £200,000+ weekly fortune available through the Sky Poker Magnificent Seven nightly tournament schedule.

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Lets begin by learning a little more about the Magnificent Seven promotion and how it is available every night of the week on Sky Poker, both via the website and also the superb Sky Poker app.

What is the Magnificent Seven promotion?

The promotion has nothing to do with the aforementioned films and is simply how Sky Poker choose to brand seven of the biggest tournaments available to play on Sky Poker each night of the week between the hours of 7pm and 10:30pm.

Across each night, there are seven fantastic poker tournaments available to play in, at a variety of buy in levels, which mean that you can enjoy some top quality tournament poker for a relatively small price.

There is a structure to the events and we’ll explore that in more detail, although the structure is flexible and can change a little during the year depending on what big events Sky Poker are promoting and what games they want to put on, especially in the two early slots.

What is the current Magnificent Seven promotion structure?

Sky Poker Magnificent 7Currently, the structure for each day’s Magnificent Seven is very similar, the first two tournaments each day and also the last three are the same type of tournament regardless of the day. However the two biggest events, the Main Event (starting at 8pm each day) and the 8.30pm Mini Event, do change throughout the week depending on the day.

Here’s the current schedule for the Sky Poker Magnificent Seven tournaments (all times shown are UK time).

  • 00pm – Mon – Sun – UKPC Seats Tournament Freeroll
  • 15pm – Mon – Sun – UKPC Seats Tournament Freeroll
  • 00pm – Mon – Sun – Main Event (Various)
  • 30pm – Mon – Sun – Mini Event (Various)
  • 00pm – Mon – Sun – The Big Bounty Hunter £2,500 Guaranteed, £55 buy in
  • 30pm – Mon – Sun – Bounty Hunter £2,500 – £11 buy in
  • 30pm – Mon – Sun – Speed Bounty Hunter £1,500 Guaranteed, £55 buy in

What changes about the Magnificent Seven promotion structure?

There are a couple of things you need to know about the structure for the promotion. The first is that the two tournaments that currently start at 7pm and 7.15pm, the UKPC Seats Tournament Freeroll (which are open to players who earn 20 Sky Poker points or more in the preceding 24 hours) are not available all the year round.

When the UKPC tournament has finished, Sky Poker will likely change these into different types of event and the times may revert back to the more usual 7pm and 7.30pm starting times for the first two events.

The second thing that changes are that the Main and Mini Events held each night also change throughout the week, although these are a weekly schedule that does repeat throughout the year.  Which means that you can play the same Main and Mini event each day every week.

The schedule for the Main and Mini events each week is as follows:

8pm Main Event Schedule

  • Monday – £8,000 Guaranteed Bounty Hunter (£33 buy in)
  • Tuesday – £4,000 Guaranteed Turbo Open (£11 buy in)
  • Wednesday – £6,000 Rebuy Open (£11 buy in)
  • Thursday – £8,000 Guaranteed Bounty Hunter (£33 buy in)
  • Friday – £8,000 Guaranteed Bounty Hunter (£33 buy in)
  • Saturday – £8,000 Guaranteed Bounty Hunter (£33 buy in)
  • Sunday – £15,000 Guaranteed Super Roller (£110 buy in)

8.30pm Mini Event Schedule

  • Monday – £2,500 Guaranteed Mini Bounty Hunter (£5.50 buy in)
  • Tuesday – £2,500 Guaranteed Mini Turbo Bounty Hunter (£5.50 buy in)
  • Wednesday – £2,500 Guaranteed Mini Rebuy (£5.50 buy in)
  • Thursday – £2,500 Guaranteed Mini Bounty Hunter (£5.50 buy in)
  • Friday – £2,500 Guaranteed Mini Bounty Hunter (£5.50 buy in)
  • Saturday – £2,500 Guaranteed Mini Bounty Hunter (£5.50 buy in)
  • Sunday – £2,500 Guaranteed Mini Roller (£11 buy in)

Don’t forget the Final Table jackpot

If you are thinking of competing in the Main Event and Mini Event in a single night at any point of the year then don’t forget that there is a chance you could earn yourself a tidy bonus on top of Sky Poker Final Table Jackpotany winnings you make at the tables thanks to Sky Poker’s Final Table Jackpot promotion.

All you need to do to qualify for this prize is to enter any of the Main and Mini event outlined above on the same night. Therefore, if you entered on a Tuesday you’d enter the £4,000 Guaranteed Turbo Open at 8pm and then the £2,500 Guaranteed Mini Turbo Bounty Hunter at 8.30pm.

To earn a bonus you need to reach the final table of six players in each event, the Main and the Mini on the same night and then depending on where you finish in each event, you will win a bonus cash amount on top of the winnings you make from each tournament.

The bonuses available range from a massive £5,000 bonus if you manage to finish first in both tournaments in the same night, down to £50 if you finish 6th in both tournaments on the same night.

Only one player, Scotty77, has won the top £5,000 prize so far, when he achieved the feet winning both the Rebuy events on the 9th April 2014.

Sky Poker’s Magnificent Seven feature offers a wide range of outstanding tournament poker with the chance of not only winning a share of over £200,000 in weekly prizes, but also a chance at an additional big jackpot prize if you enter the Main and Mini event on a single day. This is one promotion well worth a closer look at any time of the year.