Bet365 Jackpot Sit & Gos

Stuck for something to do? How about taking on a challenge that could see you walk away with a minimum of €2,000 or a maximum of an unlimited progressive jackpot that runs Bet365 Poker Jackpot regularly into the tens of thousands of euro?

Well if you are a member of Bet365 Poker, then you can do precisely that thanks to the sites outstanding Jackpot Sit & Go Challenges.

Of course, you need to be a Bet365 Poker member to participate in any of this quartet of fantastic jackpot bonus offers, but it is easy to do so. Just click on the link for the latest information about the newest Bet365 Poker Bonus Code and you can sign up from there in a few short steps.

Once you’ve signed up then you are ready to try your luck at any of the four Jackpot Sit & Go challenges that are available on the Bet365 Poker site.

How do the Jackpot Sit & Go Challenges at Bet365 work?

Each Jackpot Sit and Go challenge offers players the chance to buy in to the challenge for a set price each time and in each event they will take on a stated number of players. The number of players you will face off against differs depending on the specific Jackpot Sit & Go that you attempt.

The aim of the player in question is to enter an event, win it by being the last player remaining at the table holding all the chips and to then repeat this success in successive Jackpot Sit & Go events of the same type. Complete the required number of successive victories in a single Jackpot Sit and Go event with Bet365 Poker and that is how you trigger the jackpot.

Of course, this is not an easy task, so to soften the blow of going close, Bet365 Poker does offer a number of consolation prizes for any player that finishes 1st or 2nd only in the stated number of events in each type of Sit & Go Jackpot game.

The key thing to note is that your victories must be successive. For example, if you are required to win Six Jackpot Sit & Go games at your chosen level, and you play seven games, win six but come 2nd in the fifth event in that sequence (W,W,W,W,2nd,W,W), you won’t qualify for a jackpot (but you will gain a consolation prize).  You have to win Six Events in a row (W, W, W, W, W, W) in order to trigger the jackpot.

Once you have earned either a jackpot prize, or a consolation prize, you need to then contact Bet365 Poker who will then investigate your claim and award you your prize once they are satisfied that you have indeed completed the challenge.

Let’s now take a closer look at the key points for each of the four individual Jackpot Sit & Go challenges that you can attempt at Bet365 Poker.

Bet365 Sit & Go JackpotDirty Dozen Jackpot Sit & Go

No, this isn’t some kind of reference to the 1967 War Movie of the same name, but instead the Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit & Go refers to the number of players you need to face off against in order to land the victory.

You’ll battle it out on two tables of six initially and you need to emerge victorious from the 12 players at the tables a total of FOUR times in succession in order to trigger the Jackpot prize. Entry into this event is just €2 per game.

Once you have won four games in succession, your jackpot prize is a whopping €2,000, although there is no consolation prize available for punters who just fail in the Dirty Dozen challenge. The jackpot prize is a set amount and is not a progressive jackpot. You have a total of two weeks (14 days) within which to win all four of your games.

Maui Jackpot Sit & Go

I don’t really understand how the Hawaiian island has become the name of the second Jackpot Sit & Go, but all I do know is that for just €5 entry, the Maui challenge is certainly one of the most popular for players on the Bet365 site.

In a Maui tournament, ten players face off in each event and a player has to win FIVE of these events in succession in order to trigger the cash prize available.

This is where things get exciting as the size of the jackpot increases with every week that the prize is not won. The minimum seeded amount is €10,000 and then cash is added to this jackpot fund at the rate of €5,000 in the first week, €4,000 in the second, €2,500 in the third, €1,500 in the fourth and for every week thereafter €1,000 is added to the pot if the jackpot is not triggered.

Furthermore, if you finish second as well as first in a successive five events with the Maui Jackpot game then you qualify for a consolation prize of €150.  As with the Dirty Dozen challenge (and indeed all other Jackpot Sit & Go Challenges), you have two weeks (14 days) within which to win all the games required to win the jackpot.

Rio Jackpot Sit & Go

If you have a bit more cash to spend and fancy winning an even bigger progressive jackpot prize, then the Rio Jackpot Sit & Go event is one that will certainly take your fancy. Entry is €20 and once entered you will face off against six other players in a single table showdown.

In order to win the Rio jackpot, you need to win SIX events in succession. That will give you the chance to take home a massive progressive jackpot, which starts at a minimum seeded amount of €20,000 in the first week, which is increased by €10,000 after one week, then by a further €5,000 for every successive week the jackpot is not won.

Finish 1st and 2nd in six successive events and you won’t win the jackpot but you will earn a €200 consolation prize.

Fort Knox Sit & Go

The final and most expensive Sit & Go Jackpot challenge is Fort Knox. The famous American bullion depository is a fitting epithet for a progressive jackpot which starts at €35,000 and which Bet365 Casino Slots Giveawayincreases by €7,000 in the first week, €5,000 in the second and then €2,000 every week thereafter that the jackpot is not won.

Entry into the event is €40 and like the Rio Jackpot, you need to win SIX events in a row to trigger the jackpot payout (within 14 days).

The consolation prize for finishing 1st and 2nd in six successive Fort Knox events is €500.

What else do I need to know about Bet365’s Jackpot Sit & Go games?

There are just a couple of other key things to remember about each of these games and the first and perhaps most important is to note that you are not just playing solely for the jackpot in these games. If you win at the table, then you will win a share of the cash pool as you would an ordinary Sit & Go. Any jackpot or consolation prize you receive is paid on top of the money you have already won at the tables.

Secondly, if you are lucky enough to win a jackpot or consolation prize within the stated 14-day period, then you need to contact Bet365 within 48-hours of the final tournament finishing to stake your claim. If you fail to contact Bet365 within 48-hours, then you could lose out on your payout.

Once any of the three progressive jackpots is claimed successfully, it reverts back to the minimum seeding amount for that prize. Bet365 do also have extensive rules in place to prevent collusion between players (such as not accepting tournaments where the same players play at the tables).

Bet365 Jackpot Sit & Go games are amongst the most popular forms of Poker on the site and are well worth a closer look. Affordable by all, they offer great value poker and the chance to win a huge amount of money for a relatively small stake.