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One of the ways BetVictor Poker attempts to keep customers playing on their site and not migrating to other poker sites, is via their Action Point and VIP Scheme. Although on the site these two items are dealt with and explained separately, they are actually strongly linked together, with how many Action Points you earn, determining your VIP status.

In this article, we’ll examine what Action Points are, how they are awarded and what they will mean for you in terms of your VIP Status on the site. We will also look at how the Action Points you accrue can be used on the site for you to gain some tangible benefits from collecting them.

The basis of the VIP Scheme: Action Points

Action Points are awarded to all BetVictor Poker customers who play for real money at the Cash Tables, or who enter a real money Sit & Go or MTT. The number of action points you earn is dependent upon how much money you contribute to the rake for the hand or tournament.

At Sit & Go or MTTs, Action Points are awarded at the rate of 1 Action Point per $0.50 paid in tournament fees. For example, if you enter a $10 Sit & Go Double Your Money event and pay $1 in tournament fees, you will earn 2 Action Points.

At Cash Tables how you work out how many Action Points you earn in each hand depends on how much money you contribute to the rake in each hand. Action Points are still awarded at the rate of 1 per $0.50 contributed to the rake, but partial points can be awarded if players do not contribute more than $0.50 to the rake.

For example, at a $1/2 No Limit table with six players, a typical round of betting may be:

Player A places the $1 small blind into the pot.

Player B places the $2 big blind into the pot.

Player C folds

Player D raises by betting $40

Player E calls by also betting $40

Player F (and subsequently Players A and B) fold.

In this example, the total pot is $83 and the rake for the pot is $3. So how do you find out how many action points you earn? It is simply a case of working out how much each player contributed to the rake in percentage terms.

Player A contributed 1.2% into the pot, Player B contributed 2.4% into the pot. Players D and F contributed nothing (so they would earn no Action Points), Players D and E both contributed 48.2% into the pot. When you work out 1.2%, 2.4% and 48.2% of the £3 rake, you discover that Players D and E both paid $1.446 towards the rake, Player B contributed 0.072 and Player A 0.036.

In terms of Action Points this means players D and E would earn 2.892 Action Points from this hand, Player B 0.144 and Player A 0.072.

Fortunately, BetVictor Poker’s software works out exactly how many Action Points you earn from each hand and automatically adds them onto your account.

Action Points and the VIP Scheme

The amount of Action Points you earn each month determines which of the four VIP levels your status us set at. Your VIP level determines how much cash back you are eligible for each month as well as allowing you entry into certain weekly or Bi-weekly poker events.

All players start at Bronze VIP level, but players earning 300 points a month move up to Silver level. Earn 800 Action Points a month and you become a gold member and earn over 2,000 a month and you become a Platinum member.

The more points you earn and the more you increase your status, the more exclusive tournaments you are allowed to enter and the more points you can redeem for cash as part of the BetVictor Poker VIP Cash Back scheme.

Action Points – Other Benefits

In addition to gaining you status and bonuses on the VIP Scheme, Action Points can also be used for other things. As a new user, the when you earn eight Action Points, you release $1 of your starter bonus. You need to collect at least $10 worth of action points to release that part of your bonus.

In addition, you can also use Action Points to buy into tournaments. Many tournaments on BetVictor Poker allow users to use their Action Points balance as their buy-in, rather than cash.

Action Points – Expiry Date

It is worth noting that your Action Points do not have an unlimited usage period. You need to participate in a real cash game or tournament at least once every 90 days, otherwise any Action Points you have earned will expire and your balance will be reset to zero.

The Action Point system is a good way for novices who are going to be playing on the site frequently, to not only release their initial New Player Bonus, but also earn a little extra cash either as part of the Cash Back scheme, or even to use as entry for tournaments. You’ll need to be a serious player, with a large bankroll, to access some of the more lucrative aspects of the site, but there is still enough on offer for the casual player to earn a few points while they play each month.