7 Expert Tips For Smarter Golf Bets

betting on golf

Are you ready for some betting on golf? Then let’s swing into action and see if we can tee-up for some big wins.

With the right strategies, you can give yourself a little edge and potentially pocket some impressive rewards. We all know nothing is guaranteed in the world of sport, so make sure you don’t place bets that push your gambling budget over the edge. Having said that, these tips will keep you in a better position to make smarter bets.

1. Do the research

This might sound obvious, but before you place a wager on a golf event, do a little research. Find out about recent player performance and the course history, for starters.

2. Shop around

Whenever you place bets, it always pays to get the best odds you can. Compare odds, special offers and promotions at a few sportsbooks available in your area to make sure you’re getting the best deal. One of our reliable favorites is bet365. If it’s available in your region, our top tip is to check them out. Plus use this bet365 bonus code when you sign up for an even sweeter deal.

3. Give in-play betting a whirl

In-play betting can make your wagers a little more thrilling to place and the games a little more exciting to watch. But as well as that, it gives you the opportunity to capitalize on live odds and leverage momentum shifts during tournaments. Odds will fluctuate at the tournament progresses, so keep an eye out for a prime betting opportunity.

4. Watch the weather

As a sport played outdoors, it’s so important to pay attention to what the weather is doing. Rain, wind and heat are the key things you should be looking out for. Some golfers play much better or much worse in different conditions, so take the time to research past performances based on weather and adapt your bets accordingly. And make sure you check the forecast from a reputable source before the tournament.

5. Look at the layout

Just like the weather, some players are more suited to particularly types of course layouts. So before the tournament, have a look at the topography of the course and try to figure out if your favorite players are likely to perform on that turf or not. For example, a long-hitting player might excel on a wide-open course. Meanwhile, a precise iron player might dominate on a tight, tree-lined layout.

6. Keep an eye on the time

Another major factor on performance can be the time of day the tournament takes place. Take a note of the upcoming tee schedules and if they are particularly early or particularly late in the day, this might well have an impact on certain players’ performance. Early tee-offs often face harsher weather conditions and more challenging greens. Meanwhile, afternoon starts might have to deal with increased pressure due to leaderboard-watching.

7. Magnetic Majors

There are so many different golf tournaments on over the course of the year. However, the Majors have a unique allure. Watch out for the heightened competition and extensive player data available in the Masters, the US Open, the Open Championship and the PGA Championship.

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