eSports betting providers UK

The phrase eSports is something of a buzzword at the moment and it is very easy to misunderstand what the term actually refers to. In betting terms, eSports are not virtual sporting events created by software on a website, but instead they are when two players – or teams of players compete on a game against each other.

With the development of massively multi-player online gaming has come a new breed of ‘athlete.’ These are the eSports athletes whose physical prowess is divested via their fingers and thumbs into games controllers.

These are the people who routinely kick your butt when you play network games online and the fact that their events are now being live streamed over the internet and even shown on TV in some places has made stars of some of the very best players.

Of course, betting companies would not allow betting on two friends facing off in an online version of Call of Duty or similar. Instead betting is focused on groups or individuals who have earned recognition playing certain online games, notably StarCraft 2, Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike.

Betting on these events is completed in the same way any other bet is. You select which team or individual you want to win, click on the odds and place your bet, if they win, so do you. If they lose, then you do to. It is that simple.

Of course, eSports is a brand new market for the UK betting industry and as such, not all UK bookmaking sites offer the opportunity to bet on these games. To clarify the issue, we looked at all the major UK bookmaking sites to discover who offers eSports wagering, and who does not.

Here’s our results.

Bookmakers in the UK that offer eSports betting


Although they may not be the name that is first on every punters list when it comes to betting online in general, Pinnacle have established a solid reputation as the leading eSports bookmaker in the UK. The site offers regular markets for a number of different eSports such as Dota, League of Legends and StarCraft 2 as well as newer emerging markets such as Counter-Strike Global and Offensive-ESWC.

Pinnacle also enjoys a solid reputation amongst the small but growing number of eSports punters for offering the best odds available in the UK.

That is key in a market where knowledge and understanding of the games and players is absolutely key to ensuring profitability when betting.

William Hill

William Hill have always been one of the pioneering names in British bookmaking and it is no surprise therefore to see that they have already set up some initial markets for the eSports fan.

The site offers markets on top events when they are played around the globe, including games such as League of Legends and Counter-Strike.

Paddy Power

It’s very easy to miss Paddy Power’s commitment to eSports as it is listed at the foot of their sports betting A-Z section, well away from where it would otherwise appear.

Paddy Power’s offering isn’t as extensive as those found on other sites, notably Pinnacle, and the site only offers odds on certain events when they are due to be played.

888 Sport

888 Sport are one of the latest companies to offer punters the chance to bet on eSports in the UK. The company offers its customers the chance to bet on a number of different games including Dota 2, League of Legends and StarCraft 2.

There is generally a good selection of matches available to bet on each day with 888 Sport and it is certainly a more appealing option to the serious eSports punter than Paddy Power’s offering and while it offers a good number of betting options, the odds on offer just fall shy of that you can find with Pinnacle.


One of the more recent companies to offer eSports betting, Bet365 are one of the giants of the UK betting industry and along with William Hill, their acceptance of eSports as a legitimate betting source will likely propel the eSports betting scene and encourage other sites to offer odds on this new form of entertainment.

Given that Bet365’s offering is still in the formative stages, the site offers a selection of regular eSports markets, focusing on the League of Legends and StarCraft 2 games predominantly.

The odds on offer from Bet365 are also generally competitive and on a par with what you would find at Pinnacle, though the site does not yet offer the range of games that you’ll find on Pinnacle’s site.

If you are a new customer, of course your can take advantage of a Bet365 UK bonus code when joining up – just click the link to learn more.

As of the time of the writing of this article none of the other major bookmakers in the UK such as Ladbrokes, Coral, Betfred, Skybet, Boylesports, BetVictor or Betfair offer betting on eSports at present.