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Do you know your FTSE from your DAX? Do you know how well the Euro is faring against the Great British Pound, the Swiss Franc or the US Dollar? Do you find yourself rifling through the pages of the Financial Times eagerly looking for that snippet of information that will make your investment portfolio on the stock market turn a nice profit?

Admittedly, it is a long shot. Most punters tend to invest much smaller sums than a typical stock investor when it comes to betting, but your lack of knowledge about such financial matters shouldn’t put you off having a little flutter when it comes to arguably the least well understood Bet365 betting platform, the Financials section.

The first thing to clarify here is what type of  Bet365 sign up bonus you will be eligible for if you do decide to join the site to bet on the Financials sector. That is relatively easy to clear up as Bet365 include Financials bets in with your Bet365 Sports account, meaning that you can take advantage of the superb bonus available for those who join the sports betting aspect of the Bet365 site.

Remember too though, you can realise additional bonuses for Poker, Bingo and Games/Casino and Vegas with Bet365 by simply depositing, or transferring funds from one of your Bet365 accounts to the other and entering the relevant code.

In a recent article, we looked at how Bet365 Sports was a great place to bet on football matches but it is equally true to say that if you fancy an inexpensive dabble on the stock exchange, or the currency exchange markets, then Bet365 is also the ideal choice.

The first problem new punters encounter on the Financials markets is what they are betting on exactly and the answer to this is very simple as there are basically two types of bets available:

The first option is a bet on how a stock market (either the FTSE 100, DAX, Wall Street or SENSEX) will perform.  It is possible to bet on this as because hundreds of transactions are completed every second, this affects each stock market’s price. Strong trading will see the price of any of the four markets increase, whereas weak trading will see its value decrease.

The increase in the market changes every second with fluctuations in the market seeing the overall price rise and fall. What you bet on, therefore, is how much any of the four stock markets will fluctuate by, over a stated period of time and by how much. The safer the bet you select, the smaller the odds on the bet (with some bets heavily odds on) with the riskier bets offering much higher odds, typically up to 16 or 20/1.

The second is a bet on how two different currencies will perform against each other. Currencies are traded across the globe and as they are traded the relative strength and value of each currency will increase or decrease against the value of another. These are the currency markets and it is these differences that you are betting on.

Take the most common Great British Pound (GBP) v the US Dollar (USD) market. Currently, there are around 1.67 US Dollars to a British pound, however over time that amount can fluctuate wildly between almost 2 US dollars to the pound, to fewer than 1.5 dollars to the pound.

On a daily, or minute by minute basis these fluctuations are much smaller, but there are still wide enough changes in the market to allow punters to bet on them. Again, the safer the bet you select the smaller the odds will be, with the riskier bets being those which offer higher returns.

There are eleven different currency exchange rate markets that you can bet on in the Bet365 Financials section, featuring a number of different currencies from around the globe; the Euro (EUR), Great British Pound (GBP), US Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD) and the Swiss Franc (CHF).

Automated tracking and odds adjustment

What is important to realise is that the Bet365 Financials section tracks the real life prices of all the markets and as such, the odds offered on any bet can change often and often very sharply.

For example, if you are betting on a currency exchange rate market and the amount of US Dollars you will get to the pound suddenly falls sharply, you will find that the range of bets and the odds on each bet offered also changes. This is because the software automatically tracks the changes in the market and adjusts the bets and odds available automatically to ensure it is a viable market for the company to offer odds on.

Therefore, as the system tracks the changing prices and adjusts the odds, timing your bet becomes of real importance, very much as if you were betting on a Live In Play market on a sporting event.

You can opt for static odds, which gives you the same odds for a number of bets, but which adjusts the market conditions required for the bet to succeed. This is a handy tool to use if you like to bet at certain odds (such as even money bets, or 5/1 shots).

Another option you have is to adjust the time your bet will be conducted over. By default, when you load up the financials site your bets will be resolved within 5 minutes, however, you can adjust this (depending on the market you choose to bet on) to different time periods, up to and including a full day.

Although its initial appearance of graphs, charts, ever-changing odds and seemingly complex stock market indices and currency exchange rates, betting on the Bet365 Financials section is actually easier and simpler than placing many forms of sports bets.

Sports betting has developed a huge number of different kinds of bets for punters to use when they gamble. The betting on the Financials section, although appearing complex, is actually much more straightforward to follow and use as there are considerably fewer options for each bet.

So why not take a look at the Bet365 Financials section today? Remember, to bet on this section, you can join the Bet365 Sports part of the site and click here for all the latest Bet365 Bonus Referrer codes you will need in order to maximise your bonus and start betting on the Financials markets with a bigger bankroll.

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