Which Three Games Should Novice Players Target on Bet365 Poker?

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If you have just joined Bet365 Poker then you are probably looking at the vast number of games available on the site and wondering which of them are best suited to a new poker player. Of course, it is tempting to leap in straightaway and begin playing hands for money at the Cash Tables, but experience has taught many a new poker player to begin playing certain games to help preserve and build a sustainable bankroll gently.

So in this article, we’ll examine which three types of games you should consider playing on Bet365 Poker as a novice player and why, in order to help you enjoy the game as affordably as possible and also to ensure your bankroll isn’t wiped out within a few minutes of you joining.

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Sit & Go Games – Double Up (Small Stakes tables)

The first table I would recommend to novice players on Bet365 Poker is the Double Up games, located in the Sit & Go section of the website. There are a number of different Double Up games available including Omaha, as well as Turbo, Super Turbo versions of the game (which simply means the blinds in the game increase more quickly than other versions).

There are a wide range of buy-ins to these games available ranging from just $1 up to $500. Novice players should stick to the lower stakes games ($10 or less) and play to a strategy initially until they are comfortable with how they are playing.

The aim of Double Up is to be in the top half of finishers at your table (so in the top three on a six player table, or the top five on a ten player table) and if you do, you receive back double your initial buy in (so if you bought in a $5 game, you would receive $10 back).

The reason these are great games to start is because your chances of winning are roughly 50/50 for every game and you can increase or decrease these odds given how well you play in the game. As a starting point for new players, there is no better place to begin.

Premium Tables (Small Stakes Tables)

Bet365 Poker are currently running Premium Tables and while this offer is on, it makes great sense to take advantage of it if you are a new player.

Premium Tables are a version of cash tables and the skills you need in a cash game are very different to playing Sit & Go tournaments where there is a definitive end to the game. On a cash table, it is about preserving and then building your bankroll over time, which calls for a different set of poker skills.

By playing on smaller stakes Premium Tables, you can risk a relatively small sum of money to buy in to the table and once you are ahead, you can quit the table and take your winnings with you. Conversely, if you are losing, you can call it a day and manage your losses.

The big bonus for new players here is that Premium Tables on Bet365 generate Merit Points more quickly, which means you can earn Prize Draw tickets more quickly. With draws being held each day, the more you play on these tables, the more prize draw tickets you earn and the more chance you have of winning a daily prize in the draw.

Scheduled Tournaments – Satellites – Small Buy In Events

When you look at the scheduled tournaments bar, you’ll see that some offer prizes running into hundreds of thousands of pounds or dollars. To buy in directly to the final stages of such tournaments would cost hundreds and most novice players would risk almost all their bankroll to even take a seat at the final table.

This isn’t a wise move, firstly, as a novice player your chances of winning against some of the world’s best is slim anyway. Secondly, you need experience of tournament poker play in order to develop this skill set and this is precisely what small buy in satellites can give you for a relatively small fee.

Yes, it is unlikely you will buy in to a $200,000 tournament for 0.30c and win the big prize, but for a small buy in fee, you will gain invaluable experience of tournament play, which is very different to how you play in Sit & Go games and especially to cash table play. Playing in tournaments this way is a cheap way to gain experience and allows you to become a much better poker player.

And of course, there is always a chance you could win a seat at the next satellite event by finishing in the qualification places. After all, someone has to win the first prize.

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