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Bet365 Sports Euro Soccer Bonus info

Bet365 are a company that like to have the same offers available for their punters all year round. There is a solid reasoning behind this; unlike event-specific promotions for sporting events or similar, by offering promotions available every day, every week, 365-days a year, punters at Bet365 can take advantage of the same promotion time and time again to get better value on their bets.

As such, for the punter who thinks over the long term and considers profitability; these promotions are an absolute godsend as they know that over time, they will receive benefits from the regular added value, or insurance that they offer.

So, when Bet365 makes a change to one of its long-standing offers, it is big news and recently, that is precisely what the company did with one of its most popular football promotions, the Euro Soccer Bonus.

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What is the Euro Soccer Bonus?

The Euro Soccer Bonus is a premium paid out on successful accumulator bets with Bet365, provided that all selections made on the slip to form the bet are taken from one of five top quality football competitions:

The amount of the additional bonus that you receive on top of your odds-based winnings is dependent upon the number of selections you make in your successful acca bet.

For example, if you select a successful Treble bet, then you would receive a 5% bonus on your payout. So if your treble bet returned you £100, you would receive a £5 bonus, for a total return of £105.

However, if you landed a successful 14-fold bet and won £100,000, you would receive the maximum 100% bonus, of a further £100,000 on top of your winnings, thus giving you a total return of £200,000.

The percentage bonus you win increases with the number of selections on your coupon ranging from a 5% bonus for a successful treble bet, right the way up to a 100% bonus for a 14-fold acca.

This was a popular bet, but all selections for the bet had to be made from the Full Time Result market for each game. This meant that often, players would have low-value odds-on selections forming a significant proportion of their coupon.

However, Bet365 have now decided to change that.

What is the big change to the Euro Soccer Bonus?

The big change to the Euro Soccer Bonus is a very simple one; now instead of just being able to select from the Full Time Result market when adding selections to your bet slip, punters with Bet365 can now also select from the Result/Both Teams to Score market too.

Furthermore, a punter can mix and match their selections; making some selections from the Full Time Result market and others from the Result/Both Teams to Score market in order to get the best possible value for their bet.

This may seem a relatively small and inconsequential difference. After all, there are hundreds of markets available for the most popular football games each week, but by adding just one more option for acca punters, Bet365 have opened up possibilities with this bet like never before.

Let’s explain how in more detail.

What do these changes mean for me the UK punter?

The changes that offering this new market to punters as part of the Euro Soccer Bonus is best shown by means of an example and particularly by comparing the odds and returns you would receive for similar bets using the Match Result Markets and then using the Result/Both Teams to Score markets.

Example 1: Let’s say you decide to play a treble bet on three selections, taking the odds from the Full Time Result market as was the only option available in the original Euro Soccer Bonus.

Let’s say for arguments sake that the odds were:

  • Manchester United v West Ham – Manchester United to win 1/4
  • SV Hamburg v Bayern Munich – Bayern Munich to win 1/6
  • Real Madrid v Barcelona – Draw 7/2
British pounds

A £10 bet on these three games would return at odds of just over 5.5/1. This would give you a total return (including your stake back of £65.63 for a successful bet.

In addition, you would also earn a 5% Euro Soccer Bonus of £3.28 for a total return of £68.91.

That’s not a massive return on your treble, but two of your selections are very short priced favourites, which diminishes the value of the bet greatly. However with the new Euro Soccer Bonus rules, you can alter your bets slightly to get much better value.

Example 2: Under the new rules of the Euro Soccer Bonus, we can add selections from the Result/Both Teams to Score market and this gives us a much greater chance to get a much higher return on our bet.

Let’s say in the example above, we are happy to keep the Real Madrid – Barcelona selection as a draw at 7/2, but we want to seek better value for the first two selections.

Given that the odds in the Result/Both Teams to Score market are generally much longer, my new selections would look something like this:

  • Manchester United v West Ham – Manchester United to win and Both Teams to Score – No at 23/10
  • SV Hamburg v Bayern Munich – Bayern Munich to win and Both Teams to Score – Yes at 3-1
  • Real Madrid v Barcelona – Draw 7/2

I’m still backing both Bayern Munich and Manchester United to win, however I am just stating that in the Man Utd v West Ham game both teams won’t score (meaning Manchester United must win without West Ham scoring) and in the Bayern Munich game, Bayern will win, but SV Hamburg will score a goal at some point.

The change this has on the odds available is marked. Now instead of receiving back £68.91 for a successful bet, with the odds alone I would receive back £594 for a successful bet. Furthermore, I would also receive an additional 5% (£29.70) as my Euro Soccer Bonus for a total return of £623.70!

By introducing an additional market for Euro Soccer Bonus punters to use, Bet365 are offering punters the chance of a decent return, even for bets with a small number of selections, something that wasn’t previously available if you backed the shorter odds selections.

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