Bet365 Poker – Why Anonymous Tables are a Great Idea for the Casual Player

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What is the easiest way for an experienced poker player to ensure that they make a profit each day?

It is a good question and one which every new player or casual player to a poker site like Bet365 should consider. Are there so few top quality poker players out there that they can earn a living playing tournaments online day after day, winning at least one or two a day to not just cover the outlay of the buy-ins to the tournament, but enough to turn an overall profit too?

In truth, earning a living from playing poker through winning or placing at top level tournaments is very, very difficult for all but the elite poker players, who play in the elite, usually televised tournaments often for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars or pounds.

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However, many other poker players have quickly understood that many poker rooms offer them easy pickings. Have you noticed that if you enter certain cash game rooms on certain sites each day, you see the same players sat in there with a large stack, seemingly playing for days on end without a break?

In many cases, these players are on the lookout for a specific type of prey: what they want is a player that is relatively new to the site, with a brand new bank balance and who may not be the most experienced of cash game poker players.

Someone just like you.

In poker parlance, these players have been labelled uner many different epithets, sharks being a prime example. What will happen is you will join the room and join in the play and when the more experienced poker player believes they have a read on you, or believes that they can bully you, then they will start to do so.

Calls you make will be raised heavily, leaving you wondering if it is a bluff, or if this player is simply trying to steal the cash you have already committed to the pot. They’ll play slow on strong hands to try and make you go all-in and they’ll take plenty of time over this as in cash games, the blinds don’t rise and there’s no tournament to win or lose.

They try to slowly bleed players dry using a variety of tactics so that their opponent slowly bleeds cash to them, or attempts a risky manoeuvre against stronger cards, and ends up losing all of their cash in one all-too-swift hand.

Worst of all, the strongest sharks will note down who you are and any tendencies they noted in your play and the next time you ante up again in a room, they’ll come down and pay you another visit…

It all sounds rather sinister, but fortunately for new and casual players, Bet365 have the perfect defence against this:- Anonymous poker rooms.

In Bet365’s anonymous rooms, each player is simply listed as ‘player 1’, ‘player 2’ and so forth. No information about each player is forthcoming other than their designation above and the amount they have in their stack.

As such, it is therefore impossible for other players to target you and try to take your stack as nobody can see who you are when you are playing in these rooms.

For a novice player, these rooms are a godsend. It means that if you are making mistakes in your play, or even giving away a tell (such as by always pausing before going all in when you are bluffing – a common new player error), these mistakes are not immediately attributable to you by other players.

That is not to say playing in these rooms is easy. The standard in these rooms is equally as good as other areas of the site and winning is by no means certain.

What is certain, however, is that these rooms protect you from players who are likely to target your stacks and mean that you are given a certain leeway to learn from your mistakes a beginner or casual player, without it proving too costly!

You can play for a variety of stakes in Bet365’s anonymous Hold’em cash game rooms, simply log into the cash game area and sort the room names alphabetically to list all the anonymous games available at any one time.

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