Bet365 Poker Unveils Its Brand New App For Android And iOS Users

If you are one of the increasing numbers of Bet365 Poker customers that is starting to play via a mobile device then there’s some good news for you. Bet365 have announced that their new and improved Poker App is now available for both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.

It is fair to say that over the past two years, Bet365’s mobile poker service has undergone something of a radical overhaul to reach this point and the service is barely recognisable from the service that was previously available to customers. Let’s learn a little of the background history of the Bet365 Mobile Poker app before we take a closer look at the newest incarnation.

The evolution of Bet365 Mobile Poker

When Bet365 Poker released the first mobile app for customers, it is fair to say that the general consensus was that it lagged behind some of its main competitors for a number of key reasons. Firstly, the original app only allowed players access to a small number of the games you can play on the site (Cash Games and Sprint Poker initially) and furthermore, the mobile app presentation was very basic and graphically lagging behind some of the bigger innovators in the mobile poker industry.

That situation remained the same for a considerable amount of time and as someone who reviewed Bet365’s Mobile Poker offering regularly, it was clear that a radical overhaul of the service was needed to bring it up to the spec of some of the other sites mobile offerings.

Well around two years ago, after many months of hard work, Bet365 Poker unveiled its brand new mobile service. Not only was the app far better designed, but for the first time, Bet365 Poker mobile players could access Sit & Go games, Multi Table Tournaments, Freeroll events, Premium Steps and the ever-popular Twister Poker.

In that one moment, Bet365 Mobile Poker was dragged into the 21st century and while the app perhaps still lacked some of the refinements of other sites, it was at least now possible to enjoy the same great choice of poker via your mobile device as it was your desktop.  Bet365 Mobile Poker had finally arrived.

What upgrades have been made to the new app?

Since that first major upgrade, there have been several refinements made to the app, but this latest upgrade is certainly the biggest and most impressive (and also the most obvious) made to the app since the that initial improvement.

What Bet365 have done is generally offer the same items as you found on the original app, but have organised them in a more intuitive way. For example, when you load up, your most popular type of games will be available to play direct from the load up page. You can navigate easily to the more popular types of mobile poker games (such as Twister Poker and Sprint Poker) and by refining the options on each type of poker, you can hone in on the tables that you want to play at.

The upshot of this is that the new app has a fresh new look that is certainly more in keeping with apps at the top end of the scale when it comes to mobile poker. However it is not just the look that has been improved as there have been other improvements and refinements made to the app which means that loading times are now as quick as they have ever been.

Furthermore, the graphics and animations when it comes to playing at the tables have also been given an overhaul to give them a fresh new look.

The upshot of this is that when you load up the new Bet365 Mobile Poker app, whether for Android or iOS, you will find the app is very familiar to use, but just organised slightly differently, but it will also work more smoothly, more quickly and you will also see that the enhanced graphics have made playing at the tables more enjoyable and eye-catching too.

What poker is available via the new app?

Ever since the last major update Bet365 has offered all its poker services via the mobile app and this new upgrade does not alter this. You can play all of the following types of poker direct from both the Android and iOS apps.

  • Cash Tables (including access to the Bet365 exclusive Premium Tables)
  • Speed Poker
  • Multi Table Tournaments
  • Freeroll Events
  • Sit & Go
  • Twister Poker
  • Six Plus Hold’em
  • Premium Steps Tournament

Furthermore, you can also participate in any of the promotions that are running at that time on Bet365 Poker, including all the different Missions based promotions that have proven to be hugely popular on the site over the past 18 months or so.

Additionally, all play on the app will count towards your monthly total for the VIP Scheme, meaning you won’t miss out on anything if you choose to play via the app, rather than the desktop.

Where can I download the app from?

If you have an Apple device such as an iPad or an iPhone, then you can download the Bet365 Poker Mobile app direct from the App Store.

If you have an Android device, then simply visit Bet365 Poker’s main website to download the app.

In addition, if you prefer not to download an app to any mobile device, then you can access the Bet365 Poker Mobile service by visiting where you can play direct from your browser, although this does not offer quite as smooth or expedient service as playing via an app.

How does Bet365’s Poker app compare to the best of the rest?

So after this tumultuous two-year period for Bet365 Mobile Poker, what have all these improvements and upgrades meant in terms of the quality of the mobile poker service to the customer?

The great news is that after many years of lagging behind competitors for mobile poker service provision, Bet365 Poker now offers a service to the mobile customer that is at least the equal of all the top mobile poker providers, including the likes of PokerStars, Sky Poker, 888 Poker and similar.

You can now say that when it comes to offering services for the mobile poker player, Bet365 Poker is now right at the top of the tree and when you factor in to this the superb value you can find on the sites new player offer, its wide range of promotions every month, plus ongoing tournaments and special events, not to mention satellites into massive real world tournaments, if you want a site that offers the best mobile poker experience, Bet365 Poker is now one company you should give serious consideration to.

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