Fancy Playing Tournament Poker But Short on Time? Try Bet365 Scheduled and Sit & Go Tables

Bet365 Scheduled Tournaments

There is undeniably something very thrilling about playing in a poker tournament. First, when there are hundreds, if not thousands of players, the prize money is vastly increased, so if you manage to reach the latter stages of an event, you can be sure of getting an excellent return on your buy in.

Then of course there is the satisfaction of beating other players and eliminating them from the tournament. In some events, as well as eliminating other players you can earn a bounty from doing so, which is an additional payment you receive on top of your cash out for finishing in the prize money.

Smaller scale events see you take on a table or two of other players, attempting to eliminate some, or all of them in order to secure yourself a big prize. It’s poker in its most competitive form.

However, the problem with the larger MTTs is that while they can be relatively inexpensive to enter, the sheer volume of competitors in the event, which can range from hundreds up to many thousands, means that these events can last for many hours if you manage to stay in the game that long of course.

Many people love the challenge of MTTs, but don’t necessarily have a limitless amount of time to play, but Bet365 Poker has a perfect solution to this via their Scheduled and Sit & Go games.

What are Bet365 Scheduled games?

As the name suggests, Bet365 scheduled games are a selection of poker games, most of which are MTTs, which are timetabled to start at various points throughout the day.

There are a wide variety of different games available for a wide variety of buy ins, ranging from freeroll events (such as the Irish Open freeroll’s currently available on the site) up to high roller events which can see a buy in of several hundred Euro to gain a seat at the table.

While some of these events are true MTTs with several thousand competitors (Bet365 Poker’s Sunday Special event is a good example of this with usually several thousand players competing for the top prize). There are a good selection of smaller scale MTT’s which feature significantly fewer players, but which only take a fraction of the time to complete.

€1 On Tap

A good example of one of these types of games is the €1 and 0.50 On Tap games. In these, the tournament starts when a certain number of players have registered (18). This means that there are several of these events throughout the day and gives Bet365 Poker customers multiple chances to play these games at different times of the day.

Although the tournament starts when 18 players are registered, up to 500 can participate in the event, with new players coming in via late registration over the first six levels. However, most tournaments see between 50 and 100 players competing at most and this does shorten the playing length of the event considerably.

It’s worth remembering too that the more people register in the event, the bigger the prize fund is for those competing for the cash prizes.

In comparison to the Sunday Special event (which often takes more than 10 hours to complete from start to finish), most of the €1 and 0.50 On Tap games only take a couple of hours to run from start to finish. This makes them a much more manageable and attractive option for players who may only have a couple of hours spare to play in MTTs, rather than an entire day or evening.

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Bet 365 Sit & Go games

Another very attractive option for players who love tournament play, but only have limited time to play, are the sit & go tables at Bet365 Poker.

Sit & Go games are essentially small-scale tournaments, often designed around a single table with relatively few players. On Bet365 Poker, this is usually around 6 players.

Sit & Go tournaments can be played, rather than in a couple of hours, in a few minutes with games ranging from just a few minutes, up to an hour or so depending on the type of game you want to play and the way play goes at your table.

Double Up tables

If you don’t have much time to play then the Double Up tables on Bet365 Poker are well worth a look.

Here half the participants at the table will double their buy in, with the other half the losers. However, because you are not eliminating all the other competitors, only 3 at a 6-handed table, these games are completed very quickly compared to even small MTT events.

You can even play these games even more quickly using the Turbo and Super Turbo variations which sees the blinds increase at a much faster rate, thus increasing the speed at which players who don’t start making chips lose their stack.

One of the best things about Double Up tables on Bet365 Poker is that they come in a wide range of buy in levels so players can opt to play for microstakes of just 0.10 or 0.20 per game, up to much larger stakes games of €300 or €500 per game.

Jackpot Sit & Go

If you like to play against more than one table, but don’t want too long a tournament, then Bet365 Poker’s Jackpot Sit & Go events, especially their Dirty Dozen game, is the ideal choice.

Here you face off against 11 other players, on two tables, in an attempt to win the first step of the Bet365 Jackpot. For just €2 per game, you can take on your opponents and try to win several games in a row to win the jackpot for your chosen game.

In the Dirty Dozen, two tables of six players face off in an attempt to be the last one standing. Win four of these in a row and you win a jackpot of €2000. Plus you win a cash prize depending on where you finish inside the top four places.

All of these options are great choices if you enjoy the thrill of elimination games and tournaments but don’t have the time to spend many hours playing in an MTT on Bet365 Poker.

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