Bet365 Poker Knock Out Tables

If you are a poker player who enjoys the thrill of taking on opponents and eliminating them from tournaments or Sit & Go games, then you will have no doubt heard about the ‘bounty hunter’ type games.

For those uninitiated, these are games where a player pays a fee to enter as they would a normal tournament or Sit & Go event, say £5, however in these events, your buy in is split. A certain percentage is added to the prize pool but another percentage is placed on your head as your bounty. Every player in the event starts the game with the same bounty on their head.

As the game progresses, if you are eliminated the player who was responsible for taking your final chips from you earns your bounty. In some games a percentage of what they grab is added to their bounty on their head (thus making them more attractive for other players to try and take down) with the rest added to your account.  

In other games, you receive the same bounty from each player you knock out of the tournament (usually this is stated in the description of the tournament).

In the game where your own bounty increases for each player you knock out, the more other players will want to target you as you’ll have a bigger bounty on your own head. In the other game type however, your own bounty stays the same level throughout, so you don’t become a bigger target for players to try and take down.

When the winner is decided, they get to keep their own bounty, plus all the money they have earned from other players, as well as receiving their share of the prize fund.

This form of the game is certainly aimed at those types of players who love the thrill of taking down opponents and if you fancy playing this type of game on Bet365 Poker, then the place to head is to the knock out tables.

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Bet365 Knock Out tables

To access these tables, look in the list of game types on the Bet365 Poker home page and underneath the Cash Tables tab, is the Knock Out tab.

Click on this to bring up the list of games available. These are split into two types of games, Knock Out Sit & Go games and Knock Out MTTs.

Knock Out SNGs

All Knock Out SNGs are played on tables of six players. There are seven different levels of buy in to the game depending on how much you want to play for. You can play for smaller stakes at €1 or €5, middle stakes of €10, €20 or €30, and higher stakes of €50 or €100.

Regardless of how much your stake is, your money is divided up as follows:

  • 50% of your buy in goes to the prize fund.
  • 9% of your buy in is paid to Bet365 as the vig.
  • The remaining 41% is placed on your head as a bounty.

So in a €10 game, €5 would be added to the pot €0.90 would be the amount of money you pay to Bet365 Poker for hosting the game and €4.10 would be the size of your bounty when you start the game.

The game is a turbo game, meaning that you start with 2000 chips, but the blinds increase every four minutes.

For every player that you knock out of the tournament, you receive a bounty of half their buy in. So in a €10 game, if you knock a player out you would receive a bounty of €5. This means that the Bet365 Knock Out SNG games are not the type where your bounty can increase and thus make you a bigger target for other players to knock out.

In the Knock Out games on Bet365, every player at the table has a €5 bounty on their head. For each player you eliminate, you receive their €5 bounty. If somebody eliminates you, then they receive your €5 bounty, but if you won any money from eliminating other players beforehand, this is safe.

With the prize fund being half the buy in, it does mean that it is possible for a player to eliminate four players (earning €20) but lose in the heads up to the last player (earning €9 for finishing second and €29 in total). This means that the second place player still ends up with more money than the winner who earns €5 for knocking you out and €21 for winning the tournament for a total of €26.  

Therefore the onus in these games is very much on knocking out other players to increase your share of the prize fund.

Knock Out MTTs

At present Bet365 are only offering one Knock Out MTT each day a £2 buy in tournament for up to 1500 players with 9 players at each table.  A minimum of twelve players must enter the tournament for it to be run on any given day.

The only difference in the Knock Out MTT from the SNG is that you potentially can face more players and therefore earn more money from knocking players out.

Additionally, the prizes for winning are higher compared to your buy in because there are likely to be many more players in the tournament than in the SNG version of the game which is capped at a maximum of six.

In the MTT Knock Outs, you earn €1 for every player you knock out of the tournament with a top prize of at least €25 for the winner on top of all the cash they earn through eliminating players.

If you are a poker player who thrives on eliminating other opponents from games and enjoys taking their chips, then Knock Out games may well be an ideal option for you. The action is fast and frantic at times and players are more willing to take risks to eliminate players. It is an enjoyable, fast-paced game that appeals to many players who like to be in the thick of the action, more often.

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