Bet365 Hourly Cash Missions

“Your mission Jim, if you decide to accept it…”

Few of us who have seen the cult TV series (and now a major motion picture series) Mission Impossible will forget the start to every show, where our hero Mr Phelps would receive his next mission via a tape. This would invariably set Mr Phelps off on a wild adventure in each of the TV show’s 7 series and 171 episodes.

What has all this got to do with Poker you may ask, well the good news is that you can now accept your own mission, though these mission’s are not quite as impossible as the original, thanks to Bet365 Poker’s exciting new Hourly Cash Missions promotion.

Just like in the TV series, you can accept your mission by clicking on the promotional page on the Bet365 Poker site and then clicking on the green ‘Opt In Now’ button. Once you have clicked this you have registered for the promotion and you can start trying to complete your missions and earn yourself any number of cash prizes.

How the Hourly Cash Missions promo works

As the name suggests, the Hourly Cash Missions promotion sees Bet365 Poker customers that opt in receive a new promotion every hour, making 24 promotions available in a single day.Bet365 Hourly Cash Mission Offer The promotions start afresh at midday, 12:00 GMT each day and run until 11.59 GMT the following day.  The promotion is scheduled to run from midday on the 27th May, through until 11.59 on the 24th June 2015.

When you decide to participate in a mission then in order to complete a mission successfully, you need to collect coins. Coins are earned by players by collecting Merit Points through playing real cash games on the Bet365 Poker site.

On most Bet365 Poker real cash tables, you earn 0.5 coins per 1 merit point earned, however, if you play on any of the Premium Tables available on Bet365 Poker, then you earn coins at the rate of 1 coin for every merit point earned. This is important as it means that you earn coins twice as quickly (and thus only have to spend half as much) compare to playing on the non-premium tables.

Merit Points are earned at the rate of 15 for every €1 or £1 staked in tournament fees, or in contributions to the rake in cash table games (such as on the Premium Tables).

Each of the daily 24 hourly missions is different to the last and the minimum requirement to qualify for a prize is just one coin. The details of the current mission are shown clearly in the poker lobby and the prizes are awarded to players on a pro rata basis.

The information displayed in the Poker lobby includes the amount of time left in the current mission. How many coins are required for you to earn the next level of prize on the current mission, and the total amount of money you have banked today as part of the Hourly Cash Mission promotion.

UK Gambling Week in ReviewYou can also clearly see how much money you stand to win if you reach the milestone shown in the mission. For example, one of the earliest missions was that if you bank 75 Coins through playing real cash games on Bet365 Poker, you would receive a bonus cash amount of €0.50.

Therefore, to earn the 75 Coins as shown above, a player would need to pay £5 in rake contributions when playing at the Premium Tables. If they played at non premium tables then they would need to contribute £10 towards the rake or £10 in tournament fees in order to release the bonus outlined above.

Of course, this is only one of the 24 different promotions available each day. Some promotions may be for smaller amounts of cash (such as the £0.50 bonus outlined above) but others will be for considerably larger amounts of cash. The amount of coins you need to earn to release the stated bonus amount will also change to reflect the varying amount of money that is on offer as part of the bonus.

Significant terms and conditions

  • The promotion runs from 12:00 GMT on 27th May through to 11.59 GMT on the 24th June.
  • Each qualifying period is 24 hours long and each mission is one hour long, therefore there are 24 separate missions in each day.
  • To receive a prize, you must take part in a mission by collecting coins. You will need at least one coin per mission to qualify. In some missions you may need to earn more than this in order to win a prize.
  • You can see the number of coins required to complete a mission, together with the maximum prize available, in your poker software lobby.
  • Prizes are awarded to players on a pro-rata basis.
  • You earn one coin per merit point earned on Premium Tables. On all other tables, you earn 0.5 coins per merit point earned.
  • For every £1 or €1 spent on real money cash table rakes, or tournament fees, you receive 15 Merit Points.
  • You must have opted in to the promotion before the end of a qualifying period in order to receive any prizes that you earn in the current and any subsequent qualifying periods.
  • If you receive a cash prize, then you must log in to the mobile poker software or the online poker lobby within seven days, otherwise your prize will expire and will be forfeited.

You can get the full terms and conditions for this Bet365 Poker bonus offer by clicking on the link and then navigating to the page.

Reload Reward

Some players when they make a deposit or transfer to their Bet365 Poker account may receive a message within their poker software offering them a Reload Reward.

This reward is not available to all players, only those that are notified within the software that there transfer or deposit is eligible for this special reward. Once you have accepted this offer, you will need to meet a qualifying requirement. Once this is met, the player will receive their Reload Reward bonus within 24 hours.

As with the Hourly Cash Missions bonus cash, if you don’t log into either the Bet365 Poker online software or the mobile software within seven days of receiving the cash, the bonus will be forfeited.

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