Bet365 Dirty Dozen Jackpot

How would you like to risk no more than €8, receive winnings of just under €40 plus a jackpot prize of €2000?

Well if you are a player on Bet365 Poker then you can, by taking part in the site’s continual challenge to poker players.

The Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit N Go, in which you face off against eleven other players in the hope of emerging victorious, has a €2,000 jackpot waiting for you if you manage to reel off four wins in succession at the tables.

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Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit N Go – how it works

The Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit N Go is available every day on Bet365 Poker and there are tables constantly ready for players to register and join to begin the challenge.

There are four different levels of buy in:

  • Dirty Dozen  €2 to play
  • Maui  €5 to play
  • Rio €20 to play
  • Fort Knox €40 to play

Each type of Sit N Go jackpot game has its own number of players and jackpot winning criteria.

For the Dirty Dozen game, you face off against 12 other players on two tables, with the top four players at the table earning a cash prize. However, the winner of the event has completed the first leg of the jackpot.

That lucky winner now enters ANOTHER Dirty Dozen event. If the player can win four times in succession, then they contact Bet365 Poker with the details of their run of success.

Bet365 Poker will then check the validity of the claim and if a player has won four successive Dirty Dozen events in a row, then they will take home the €2,000 jackpot, on top of their winnings from each of the four events (which will amount to just short of €40. 

The challenge sounds relatively simple and certainly achievable. Four wins in a row surely isn’t that hard to achieve is it?

So I took to the tables to find out.

Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit N Go – the challenge

The first thing that strikes you about this Sit N Go challenge is that when you register (unless you are the 11th or 12th player registering) you may have a bit of a wait for people to join the game.

I registered most often at a generally quiet time of the day though, so that may have played a part in the tables taking a little while to fill up. Certainly in the evenings, tables fill up more quickly as the site generates more traffic at these peak times.

Once the “Dirty Dozen” players are registered for the event, you are placed at random onto one of the two tables and given $1,000 worth of chips. The blinds start at the usual 10/20 but increase every seven minutes up to a maximum of 500/1000.

At various points of the game the tables may ‘balance out’ ensuring that all players are still engaged in the tournament, rather than sat waiting. When there are just six players left in the tournament, it then becomes a single table format.

Most games take just over an hour or so to complete, although this can vary quite considerably depending on the types of players at the table and how unequal the chip stacks are when you reach the final table. The increasing blinds though do tend to force players in the latter stages into events into “all in” situations relatively quickly.

So with the chips poised and the countdown until the first hand reaching zero, it was time to take on my eleven other opponents for the first leg of the €2,000 prize.

Dirty Dozen Jackpot Sit N Go – the opposition

The first big surprise about the Dirty Dozen jackpot for me was that the standard of play in this tournament, certainly on the times I tried my luck at it, was generally better than the other areas of the sites.

There are several reviews of the Bet365 Poker site out that that suggest that the level of ability of players on the site is generally quite poor and for decent players, it can be easy pickings. However, in these Dirty Dozen jackpot games, I didn’t find that to be the case at all.

On my first attempt I played a loose game, hoping this approach would allow me to steal pots relatively quickly, but several times I found myself being slow-played by players with monster hands, which saw me make a relatively early exit from the competition.

Chastened by this, I ventured into the next tournament in a more circumspect fashion and decided to play the odds and play a much tighter game, but once again I found the creeping blinds eking into my stake and while I reached the final table, I was significantly behind in the chip count.

With the blinds now set to wipe me out, my all-in with a pair of Queens was countered by another player with A K who then flopped A K A to leave me dead in the water.

I’ve played several Dirty Dozen games since and can say that in each game, the standard of play was always pretty high, with some players clearly excelling at this format of the game.

Having played these games over a few days, I have come to notice that the same players do crop up in games time and time again. Usually, these are strong players tempted by the jackpot I can only assume and as such, it does make the Dirty Dozen challenge markedly more difficult than it appears in theory.  


In conclusion, I would say that the Dirty Dozen Sit N Go Jackpot is a huge amount of fun and for €2 entry, well worth participating in.

However, don’t expect to find the competition in these events easy; the standard of opponent you will face is markedly more tougher than at the free tables, or in the Double or Nothing Sit & Go events.

However, the action is fast paced and with relatively short stacks and rapidly increasing blinds against good competition, this is a great way to sharpen and hone your poker skills. Just don’t expect to win that €2,000 jackpot just a few hours after playing your first game!

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