How would you like a chance to win your share of €100,000 without having to pay to enter the tournament? Well, throughout the month of August, starting on Sunday 3rd right the way through to Sunday 31st, Bet365 Poker is offering its customers precisely that.

Owner Denise Coates, fresh from setting up her own charitable foundation, is now extending that kindness to Bet365 Poker players. Each week will see a guaranteed prize fund of €20,000 available in one exciting Freeroll event and with their being five Sundays in August this year, that means a total prize fund of €100,000 guaranteed.

The first event has already been completed, but that means that there are still four events available to play in with €80,000 still up for grabs.

Unfortunately, you can’t play these events from your iPads, iPhones or Android devices, so you’ll need to log in to a desktop to play, though your Merit Points can be earned on your mobile device to qualify for any of the five freerolls.

Remember, you can only participate if you are a Bet365 customer and you can join easily today while also getting a Bet365 Poker no deposit bonus code.

Qualifying for the Depositor Freerolls

Immediately following the conclusion of the previous Sunday freeroll, from the following Monday, qualifying for the forthcoming Depositor Freeroll on the next Sunday will commence.

Qualifying for the event could not be simpler. Simply transfer or deposit a minimum amount of €10 into your Poker account. That transfer can be from an existing Bet365 account with another gambling platform (such as Sports, Casino or Bingo) or you can simply deposit €10 or more into your account from a bank account or credit/debit card.

Once you have made that deposit then that is the first part of the qualification process complete. Next, you have to then play in real cash games on Bet365 Poker from the time you make the deposit up until 23:39 on Saturday, prior to the Depositor Freeroll taking place the following day.

If you do play in real cash games and earn 15 Merit Points or more during that time period, then you will earn yourself a free Tournament Token for the Depositor Freeroll on the Sunday, with a free chance to earn your share of €20,000.

It is worth noting that you must complete both the deposit and 15 Merit Points sections of the offer to earn a freeroll tournament token and that to qualify for all depositor freeroll events, you will need to follow that same procedure in each of the weeks you wish to participate in the event.

Once you have your free tournament token, head to the Bet365 Poker site on Sunday with cards in the air at 16:00 GMT (17:00 BST) and you’ll be ready to participate and give yourself a chance of winning a serious amount of cash completely free of charge.

And the good news is, we have a few tips for you on how to turn your freeroll token into cold, hard cash.

How to win money on the Bet365 Depositor Freerolls

Qualifying for this summer’s five freeroll events on Bet365 is the easy part, but how can you give yourself a better chance of turning your participation into a cash out? Well hopefully, our series of Bet365 freeroll tips will help you out.

Use the tips below along with other articles on our site, such as this article outlining tips for tournament play, to help you cash out more often.

Avoid the early game ‘bingo callers’

What you may notice at the Bet365 freeroll tables is that there are some players (how many depends on how lucky/unlucky you are to be placed at a table with) who very early in the game, often from the very first hand, will go ‘all in’.

Often, if you are at a table with several of these players, you may find that two or more players go all in against each other from the first hand of the game and it can be a little disconcerting, especially if you have hit a decent or semi-decent hand, to understand what is best to do in this situation.

What is happening here is that these players are simply looking to double (or better) their money immediately to put themselves in a strong position, or if they fail, they go out of a tournament that hasn’t cost them anything.

These players are the archetypal ‘maniac’ player. They’ll call and go ‘all in’ against any hand and will leave their fate in the hands of the cards. There is absolutely no skill involved in this, it is simply a player hoping their cards come up, hence the term bingo caller.

My advice to players here is to avoid becoming embroiled in this stage of the game unless you have anything but a premium hand. The reason for this being that you’ll likely have to go all-in pre flop, which is never ideal if you are looking to work your way into a tournament slowly and sensibly.

So unless you hold a premium hand, steer clear of these pots until the maniacs have calmed down and the others eliminated, the game will then progress at a more sensible pace with more sensible betting patterns once these players have been thinned out.

Remember, players will likely take more risks early in the tournament

When you are still a good way away from the cash prizes in a tournament, players are likely to take more risks in a freeroll event. Their reasoning being that they have nothing to lose making a risky call, whereas if they had their money in the pot, they would be more inclined to fold and wait for a better hand.

This means you need to be circumspect and aware that there is a good chance even ‘sensible’ players may call or even raise, especially when pot committed, when common sense dictates that they should fold. Again, this leaves you open to the vagaries of the flop, turn and river, so make sure that if you do become involved in a hand, you have the cards to back it up.

I’ve found bluffing should be kept to a minimum especially early on in freerolls as players will simply call anyway to find out if you are bluffing and to leave it to chance. As the game wears on and you move towards the cash prizes, bluffing does tend to be more effective as players now have something to lose.

Maximise your stronger hands, especially when in position at the table

To stay in these events, you need to pick up regular pots or win big when you hold a strong hand. So while I advocate playing a tighter game, I do strongly advocate playing very aggressively when you do hit a hand, especially earlier in a tournament when players may believe you are bluffing and take on your premium hand with a far lesser hand.

This gives you a great chance to improve your chip stack considerably while keeping the odds in your favour.

Also look to pick up cheap pots where you can when in late position. If you are on the button and the action has folded to you, a strong raise here can often pick up the big and small blinds and as they increase and the antes are added, this can soon mount up to a considerable chunk of chips.

Don’t relax when you hit the prize money places

One of the biggest mistakes many novices make is to think that once they have reached the cash out stage, then their hard work is now done and everything else is a bonus.

It is true that you have made a profit on the game, but look at it as a per hour rate. Would you want to be paid at €1 per hour for your effort, or would you prefer €50 or €100 or even €1,000 per hour for the work involved?

When you reach the cash prizes, is when the tournament really starts for the top players. It is now that you want to position yourself in the tournament and accumulate chips. Other players will be looking to do the same so play will be cagier, more cerebral and much more involved.

Keep at it, don’t relent in your play and don’t assume that it is ‘ok’ to be eliminated now because you’ll win something. Keep the attitude that you want to win more and play accordingly and you’ll have the right attitude to succeed.