Bet365 Mobile Poker Free Cash Bonus

If you’ve been reading these pages for a while, then you’ll have picked up that we think Bet365 Poker offers one of the best online poker experiences for players, particularly if you are going to play via your PC or your mobile.  

However, if you have not yet decided to give Bet365 Mobile Poker a chance to engage you, then from Friday 11th April until Sunday 13th April may well be the best time ever to grab your mobile or tablet and give it a try.

We’ll tell you why below.

Bet365 Mobile Poker free €5 offer (11th to 13th April 2014 inclusive)

Any Bet365 Poker players who have not yet tried Bet365 Mobile Poker and who play just one raked hand between these two dates, will receive a special thank you from the company of €5 paid into their Bet365 Poker account.

If you have never played Bet365 Mobile Poker before, then accessing the site via your mobile or tablet is very easy.

Simply load up your choice of Internet browser on your mobile device and search for Bet365 Poker. When you load up the website, the software will detect you are using a mobile device and automatically switch to the mobile compatible version of the site.

All you need to then do is log in and play one raked hand on any of the premium cash tables, cash tables or speed poker games available on the Bet365 Mobile site to qualify.

Once you have played one raked hand, you are now eligible for the bonus and this will be recorded by the Bet365 Poker software and you will receive your €5 bonus within a few days.

You can use your bonus playing Bet365 Poker via your desktop or mobile, though if you have just experienced your first cash game of Bet365 Poker via mobile, you may want to explore the new and exciting world of mobile poker in a little more detail.

Bet365 Mobile Poker : what’s available and where to play

If you fancy taking up the offer above then it will help you to understand more about the Bet365 Mobile Poker product and what it offers to players. In addition, we can also give you some advice, whether you are an experienced poker player, or a relative newcomer to the game, about how to play via your mobile device most optimally.

On Bet365 Mobile Poker, you have a choice of two types of game. There are cash table games and speed poker games available.

Cash Tables

On the cash tables, you have a choice of playing at the premium tables or regular cash tables, at a variety of blind levels. If you don’t have a huge bankroll then the low and micro stakes games will certainly appeal here as just one raked hand played on these games can release you your €5 bonus.

It is worth remembering too that you earn your Bet365 Merit Points more quickly while playing on the premium tables, so if you are planning a longer session than simply a one-rake qualifier to land your bonus, then the premium tables are always a good place to play.

There are a wide range of stakes available at the cash tables, meaning that even if you have a modest bankroll, or a very large amount of money available as a poker high-roller, you should find a cash game that offers you a competitive challenge at a price suited to your current bankroll level.

In terms of playing cash table games on a mobile, there are two things you need to consider for the optimal experience:

  •  The first is the quality of your connection.
  • And the second is the amount of distracting factors that could impact your ability within the game.

If you are travelling and your connection is through 3G or 4G with the signal dropping in and out, this is not ideal for a cash table where you need to play each hand. Similarly, if you are out with the family and facing a lot of distractions, then cash table play via your mobile may not be a wise choice.

However, if you have a stable connection and relatively few distractions, you can find playing the cash tables via your mobile as much fun, if not more so, than playing via desktop.

Speed Poker

One of the best aspects about Bet365 Mobile Poker is that you don’t have to have a huge amount of time to play in order to sit in on many hands of poker.

The Speed Poker version of the game is perfectly suited to mobile poker and if you only have a limited amount of time available to play during the promotional period, then this could well be the answer to help you qualify for your €5 bonus.

Speed Poker sees a pool of players compete against each other across numerous tables, with your opponents changing each time. The reason for this is that as a player folds out of a hand, rather than view how the hand unfolds at their table, they are immediately dealt into a new hand in speed poker.

The ability to speed fold too also ramps up the speed of the game and instead of sitting in on 40-60 hands per hour at the cash tables, players on speed poker tables can sit in on up to 400 hands per hour.

You can play Speed Poker for 10 minutes and be dealt the same amount of hands as you would in cash table play. The fast and frantic nature of the game means that it is ideal for players who have limited time to play, especially via mobile.

Speed Poker is best played in short bursts and as such, it can easily be played via WiFi or 3G/4G, however we’d strongly advise you check your mobile contract to ensure you don’t incur excessive data charges when playing.

This is a simple and easy offer to earn €5 for just one raked hand of poker on Bet365 Mobile, so if you have not already tried Bet365 Mobile yet, wait until the weekend of the 11th to 13th April and earn yourself a simple €5 bonus when you do.

Follow the link to be taken to a Bet365 Poker welcome bonus offer, available to all new account signups without any deposit required.