This week we are going to kick-off the column with an in-depth look at the new Bet365 Poker mobile app.

We’ll provide you with a complete rundown of the features that make Bet365 Poker’s mobile app unique, as well as relaying some of the opinions found in early reviews of the app.

We’ll also take a look at this past weekend’s tournament action at Bet365, and as always, our weekly look Inside Bet365 Poker will finish up with our Tweet of the Week and Did you Know segments.

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What’s Happening at Bet365 Poker?

A Closer Look at the Bet365 Poker Mobile App

The first thing you should know about the Bet365 mobile app is that it is not found in any online app store; the Bet365 mobile app is a “web app” which means you can access Bet365 mobile from any browser, anywhere you have Internet access.

What this means is that you can use Bet365 mobile from virtually any operating system, and do not need to specifically have an iPhone or Android.

Perhaps the best feature of the app is that because it is a “web app” it automatically sizes to your phone or tablet perfectly; unlike other apps that are not sized for certain devices.

While late to the party (other sites have had mobile gaming platforms for years now) the Bet365 mobile app has received excellent feedback from the community and from the industry, and should be a nice compliment to their downloadable poker platform.

Most Recent Bet365 Sunday Special Boasted a $21,200 Overlay

For the third week in a row the Sunday Special failed to meet its new $200k guarantee, this time falling short by a fairly substantial $21,200, adding about $23 in equity to every single one of the 894 entrants into the tournament.

With the huge overlays, the Bet365 Sunday Special is quickly turning into one of the best values in online poker.

The winner of the tournament this past weekend was “Screechx” who just a few weeks ago finished as the runner-up in this very same tournament, earning a $25,000 payday back on September 8th.  Screechx is a regular in the weekly guarantee tournaments on the site, and has now racked-up over $50,000 in profit on the iPoker Network for the second straight year according to his page.

Here is a look at the final table payouts from the Sunday Special:

  1. Screechx — $34,960.00

  2. thelapsweeper — $25,400.00

  3. birdienamnam77 — $19,000.00

  4. fairtobet — $14,200.00

  5. ZIPIT0K — $10,000.00

  6. toduccio — $8,000.00

  7. TheL1zardK1ng — $6,000.00

  8. OhiIMwelly — $4,000.00

  9. McKaylaMaroney — $2,300.00

  10. IamMBB — $1,900.00

The Bet365 Poker Social Media Buzz

Bet365 Tweet of the Week

It’s not poker, but I’m a bit of darts fanatic, so I figured this was the perfect choice for the Tweet of the Week. Also, if I had known I could bet on darts at Bet365 I would have been all over this a long time ago.

As always, the man to beat will be three-time Championship League of Darts winner Phil Taylor, who is on a quest for his third straight title, as well as the £10k in cash that the winner will take home.

The Championship League of Darts is a Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) tournament, and one of the most coveted titles in the world of competitive darts. This marks the sixth year of the tournament, which is taking place during the historic 20th anniversary of the PDC.

If you’re interested in darts you can check out the Championship League of Darts news and info at

Or you can check out the Championship League of Darts wiki page to get a feel for the history of the tournament.

Did You Know…

… Bet365 Poker offers “Steps” tournaments where the final prize is an entry into the $200k guaranteed Sunday Special, and everyone who makes it to Step 7 receives a prize?

Bet365 is giving you the chance to play in a $215 buy-in tournament with a $200k guarantee for as little as $.16 through their “Steps” tournament promotion. You can jump in at any point along the way (buy-ins for each step are listed below) including putting up the $55 to play in the final Step 7 tournament.

Below you will find the buy-ins for each step along the way, and you can find more information including the prize structure for each tournament at

  • Step 1: $0.15+ $0.01

  • Step 2: $0.50+ $0.05

  • Step 3: $1+ $0.10

  • Step 4: $3+ $0.30

  • Step 5: $10+ $1

  • Step 6: $30+$3

  • Step 7: $50+$5

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