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Cricket may be the only sport I know that had lunch and tea breaks as part of the game and also that can be stopped for ‘bad light’ but the crack of leather on willow is a sound that is music toBetStars Cricket Bets the ears of the millions of fans around the world.

Cricket may have traditionally been an English summer game (that is indeed where many of the quaint traditions of the game have their origins) but it is now a truly global sport with huge followings in South Africa, the Indian sub continent, Australasia, the West Indies and of course, England.

Yet the game continues to grow with other countries such as the Netherlands, Namibia, Kenya, Ireland, Scotland and Afghanistan all participating in the ICC Cricket World Cup and other events.

Bet Stars Cricket Markets

Given its popularity as a game, it is not surprising that Bet Stars are keen to offer punters the chance to enjoy a wager on cricket although it should be remembered that most of the major betting markets will be available either during the midst’s of the main cricket season. In the UK this is over the summer months, or when there is a huge international cricket event taking place (such as the Ashes series, the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup or similar).

During the quieter times of the year in the UK, such as the winter, betting on matches taking place in India, Australia or from test matches, one day games or T20 matches from around the world are generally available to bet on regularly on the site with the match betting option usually the  only bet available on the lesser matches, or when it is far in advance of a game.

When a big test match is on however, or a big game is taking place, there are far more markets available both in the pre-match betting markets and also in the In-Play betting markets where there is a huge amount of scope to bet on a huge number of different markets such as when the next wicket will fall, the total number of runs scored in an over or similar.

Cricket betting availability is variable depending on the time of year

Sky Poker Magnificent 7What is clearly evident is that to enjoy the best cricket betting on Bet Stars, timing is crucial. If you visit the site at a quiet time in the cricket calendar, then your options may be just a few match bets on smaller matches around the globe.

Alternatively, if you visit the site when a major Test Series is taking place, or at the height of the English cricket season or when there is a major international event featuring many international teams competing against each other, then you will have a huge number of bets available, both pre-match and In-Play.

Outright markets

For the big international cricketing events, such as the forthcoming 2016 T20 World Cup,  you can place bets on which of the teams participating will be the outright winner of the event many months in advance of the competition starting.

Of course, there’s a positive and negative to this. You can get a great price on a team getting bang into form for the event which shortens over time and as such, if they win, you’ll get paid out at far better odds than is available at the time of the final.

These forms of outright market bets are usually only available on the top level competitions such as the ICC One Day World Cup, Major Test Series between top nations, the T20 World Cup or the Ashes Series for example.

In short, Bet Stars has all the cricket betting you could want across a wide range of matches, although what is available does depend on the time of the year and what competitions are ongoing. The betting options are vastly increased when a major test match, or similar world cricket event, is ongoing.