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If you have recently updated your PokerStars client software or app, then you may well have noticed a significant change to the sites sports betting service. What was Pokerstars UK sports betting Bet Stars Logoservice has changed its name from PokerStars Sports to the new Bet Stars.

The decision has been taken by parent company Amaya to get away from the somewhat confusing prefix of PokerStars Sports, to the more easily understandable Bet Stars.

What does the name change mean for PokerStars UK sports betting site?

Well in actual real terms, the change of name for PokerStars service for sports betting fans to Bet Stars means very little in terms of the content of the sports betting site. Bet Stars will continue to offer the same wide selection of sports betting markets to customers as it had done under its former name.

The site already has an extensive range of betting options for a wide range of sports and over the past twelve months in particular, it has also radically extended the number of promotional offers it has running on the site, both in the short and longer term.

Furthermore, a quick look at the A-Z list of sports reveals that Bet Stars are not yet finished with a number of other sports reportedly to be added to the list of sports betting markets offered on the site in the coming months.

When did the change occur?

The name changed occurred in an update beginning the week of the 13th December. Prior to that the site was called PokerStars Sport, however since that update, the new name for the site has been adopted as Bet Stars.

Is Bet Stars a good move?

PokerStars UK casino sportsYes, it is a good move. The original name PokerStars Sports while relatively clear that it was a sports betting site, due to the famous PokerStars prefix, there would likely have been many assumptions from users that this was a sporting version of the more famous PokerStars poker site.

In addition, having the PokerStars brand as the lead part of the name did make it sound like very much as if it was a Poker-related site and not focused primarily on Sports betting.

By changing the name to Bet Stars, the parent company Amaya avoid that confusion by having the primary focus on the betting aspect of the site while retaining an obvious link to the Poker Stars brand.

Furthermore, should Amaya decide to introduce any futher sites in the future, they fan follow the same naming regimen to ensure all sites follow the same name. It will be interesting to see if the Casino option becomes Casino Stars over the coming weeks.

FPP Points Also Becoming StarsCoing from January 1st

Another change that is in the works for players that have earned Frequent Player Points with PokerStars Poker or PokerStars Casino in particular is that from January 1st 2016, Frequent Player Points will be no more and will be replaced by a new rewards system named StarsCoin.

Fortunately, if you are a player that has amassed a number of Frequent Player Points over the course of the past 12 months or so, then you won’t lose any of your points earned. Instead, at midnight on the 31st December, while everyone else is singing Auld Lang Syne, PokerStars will make the change and your FPP balance will be converted to the new StarsCoin balance at the rate of 1.2 Starscoins per Frequent Player Point you have earned.

You can still trade in any of your FPP earned for a number of tournament tickets and FPP satellite events, by going to the VIP store and making the transaction.

So remember, from now on PokerStars Sport is no longer and everything we refer to will be Bet Stars! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!