Bet365 Bet Builder+ – Build Amazing Accas Across Multiple Matches

Bet365 Sport has had a Bet Builder feature for a number of years now, but the raised the game considerably with the advent of the bet365 Bet Builder+ feature.

It is fair to say that Bet Builder+ has revolutionised how bet365 customers can formulate their multiple selection bets.

The original Bet Builder feature allowed you to pool together several markets from the same game into your own preferred accumulator.

With Bet Builder+ however, you can now pair markets from one game, with markets from many others.

In fact, the only limit with Bet Builder + is your belief in how strong the selections are that you are adding to your bet slip.

So, if you are a fan of traditional accumulator betting then check out what Bet Builder+ has to offer!

Of course, you have to be a bet365 customer to enjoy the benefits of Bet Builder+ bets. So if you are not signed up yet, join today using the latest bet365 Sport Welcome Offer!

You can also pick up some bet365 bet credits when you start betting on the site too!

But assuming that you are a customer, let’s take a look at how Bet Builder+ bets work on the popular betting site.

We’ll do that following a simple Question and Answer format.

What Are bet365 Bet Builder+ Bets?

Bet Builder+ bets are simply the next step in the evolution of the original Bet Builder bets.

Originally, Bet Builder bets allowed you to build your own accumulator bet on a single football game (or occasionally other sports would be offered too).

You would do this by selecting from a variety of options from different betting markets on that game.

For example, you could pair the First Goalscorer, with a bet on the number of cards the home team would be given in the game, along with the full time result of the match and whether there would be over or under 2.5 goals scored in the game.

Bet Builder+ still allows you to do all of that if you so wish, but in addition you can now add selections from other games to enhance your bet still further.

So, for example, if you backed the original bet for the First Goalscorer, number of home team cards shown, the full time result and over/under 2.5 goals on a game between Liverpool and Manchester United. You could then add to that a selection of the full time result from a game between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Or maybe an over 3.5 goals bet in a game between Celtic and Kilmarnock.

What Bet Builder+ bets offer is the same flexibility of markets for each individual game as the original Bet Builder bet. However, you now have the added flexibility (and thousands of other options) of being able to select markets from a wide selection of other games too.

Who selects which games can be used for Bet Builder+ ?

The betting site (bet365 Sport) decides which fixtures are eligible to be used for Bet Builder+ bets.

While this may sound a little prohibitive, it should be noted here that bet365 endeavour to offer customers a wide selection of games for Bet Builder+ bets any time they are available.

This can and will include games not just from the Premier League, but from other leagues in England and other leagues in other countries across the world.

It will also feature cup games, both domestic cup matches and also European matches. Such as in the Champions League, Europa League or Europa Conference League.

So while you may not be able to pick from markets for every game for the Bet Builder+ bet, you will have a wealth of choices available to you most times when you want to make this bet.

How Do I Know The Odds When I Formulate A Bet Builder+ Bet at bet365?

For me, this is one of the most ingenious parts of the Bet Builder+ service.

When you make your first selection from a Bet Builder+ bet market, you will see the stated odds for that selection. Simply click on the odds and that will add them to your list of selections.

However, from then on, any new selection you wish to add from the same match will show the combined odds. That’s the odds for Both that new selection and any other picks you have on your list of selections for the bet from that match.

You can see the odds build as more selections are made in the screenshots outlined below.

Here you can see I’ve selected Jarrod Bowen to score first in the Sheffield United v West Ham game.

Here, I want to add West Ham to win. We can see that the combined odds for these two selections would be 17/2.

This is confirmed by my bet slip too: –

This is ingenious, because you can immediately see the value of the bet with each selection available added to the selections you have already made for the bet.

Adding a New Match with Bet Builder+

However, that changes when you load up a new match to add a selection from. Here you can see I have selected the Real Madrid v Almeria game for my third selection, and I have picked Jude Bellingham to score first (who was a 4/1 shot).

Now while Bellingham’s odds are not updated, you’ll note that once I add him to my bet, the bet slip updates with the new combined odds.

You simply then follow the process for every selection and your bet slip will update with the new odds.

Bets are grouped together by game. So if I added another Real Madrid v Almeria bet, that would be grouped with my bet on Jude Bellingham to score.

The total odds for those two selections grouped together and then combined with my two for the West Ham game,

When you have finished making your Bet Builder+ selections, click the green button to add the bet to your bet slip.

Then you can view your bets here in detail by clicking the Show Selections option in the top right corner of the slip.

Just select your stake and place your bet and you are done.

What If I Accidentally Add Selections That Are Not Possible?

With Bet Builder+, the software detects which bets are not possible based on your selections. Subsequently, it will only offer you odds on bets that make logical sense.

For example, if I backed Jarrod Bowen to score in the Sheffield United v West Ham game, then that must mean West Ham must score in the game for that to happen. As such, if I click on the Goals bet, any option that would see West Ham not score at least one goal, is not available in the bet slip.

You can see in this screenshot that the option for Exactly 0 goals or West Ham to score Under 1 goal in the game are not available. That is because if I am backing Jarrod Bowen to score, then West Ham cannot score 0 goals or under 1 goal in the game.

Therefore, you can’t accidentally add illogical selections meaning your Bet Builder+ bet at bet365 Sport cannot win.

Is Bet Builder+ Available Across More Sports Than Football?

Oh yes! You can place Bet Builder+ bets on a wide range of sporting markets at bet365.

This includes: –

  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Rugby Union
  • American Football
  • Ice Hockey
  • Basketball and more besides depending on the time of the year and what sports are in their season at that point.
Bet Builder+
More Bet Builder+ Markets at bet365

So if you like multiple selection betting such as accumulators, then Bet Builder+ is well worth a much closer look for bet365 customers!

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