Sky Poker Priority Club Facts

Almost all the top poker sites nowadays have a rewards scheme and Sky Poker is no different. Each month, your cash play at the tables earn you Sky Poker Points which can earn you cash bonuses as part of the Sky Rewards programme.

There are three levels of rewards:

  • The bronze award offers cash back at the rate of 1p per poker point, from 100 to 2,999 poker points.
  • The silver award offers 1.5p per poker point for between 3000 and 4,999 poker points.
  • The gold award offers 2p per poker point for between 5,000 and 9,999 points.

Before we get further into the details of Priority Membership, let us take a moment to remind you that the best way to get started with Sky Poker – or any online poker site – is with a signup bonus.

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Sky Poker Priority Membership qualification

If you are a regular player on Sky Poker and tend to play in the larger money games then in any month you may find that you earn more than 10,000 poker points on the site.

If you do, then you become a Sky Poker Priority Club member and this gives you access to a whole range of benefits.

You can maintain your membership simply by continuing to earn upwards of 10,000 points on the Sky Poker site each month. If you do, then you’ll continue to receive the additional benefits of Sky Poker Priority membership.

How is the Sky Poker Priority Scheme organised?

 Similar to the Rewards Programme, the Sky Poker Priority Scheme awards users at three different levels.

A bronze Priority Reward member has to earn between 10,000 and 19,999 points in a month to receive a 20% rakeback on their spending, a silver member at the Priority level earns between 20,000 and 29,999 points a month and earns 25% rakeback and the gold member earns 30,000 points or more in a month and receives a 30% rakeback.

All levels also receive a number of other Priority Club benefits, which we will examine in more detail below.

Faster rewards payout 

After you have earned your rakeback with Sky Poker as part of the Priority Membership scheme, you are awarded your cash on the first business day of the following month – this is often well in advance of other Sky members who may receive their cash back from the standard reward program a few days later.

Early payout request

As a Priority Rewards Scheme member, you can request an early payout of your rewards once a month.

However much you claim as an early payout will be credited to your account by a member of the dedicated Priority Rewards team, but it will be deducted from the remainder of your payout which you will receive on the first business day of the next month.

Priority account managers 

As a Priority Member, you qualify for a specialist account manager to deal with your requests.

You will receive a priority membership phone number which will allow you to contact your account manager at any time and they will then be able to sort out any issues or other requests they may have personally.

Entry to priority member promotions & freerolls

If you set your account details to ‘contactable’ in the options, then this will allow Sky Poker to contact you.

This is a good thing as it will mean that the company can now contact you about any of the exclusive, priority member-only freerolls, promotions and competitions that the site are planning to run, giving you chance to register and join in.

Direct access to Sky Poker Tour events

If you would like to participate in any Sky Poker Tour event, then give your account manager a ring and they will be able to ensure that you can directly buy into these events, provided that they have not already been sold out in advance.

The sooner you can let your account manager know you wish to play in a particular Sky Poker Tour (SPT) event, the better.

How do I know how much I have been awarded?

Over the course of a month, you will earn poker points and as a priority member, the amount of points you earn has a bearing on how much you’ll receive in rakeback, as has been outlined above.

At the start of each month, Sky Poker will automatically calculate how many Sky Poker Points you have accrued over the course of the month and will automatically work out how much in rakeback you will receive.

Once they have figured out how much you are due back, you will receive an email outlining your forthcoming cash award and this should be with you on the first business day of the next month. 

What is rakeback?

Rakeback is simply a reward method where poker rooms, such as Sky Poker, recompense loyal players by returning back to them a percentage of the fees they have paid to the casino (rakes) when they have played real cash games and tournaments on the site.

Every time you play a cash  game, you pay a small fee to the casino hosting the game. This is the rake.

Rakeback is simply you earning back a percentage of all the rakes you have paid in the previous month.

So if you are a Priority Member on Sky Poker at the bronze level, then you will earn 20% of your rakeback fees back each month. 

For example, you have paid £2,000 in rakeback fees in a particular month, you will earn £400 in rakeback fees as a bronze member of the priority scheme.

Can I lose my Priority Member status?

In order to keep receiving the benefits of a priority member, you must ensure that you earn at least 10,000 poker points in the preceeding month in order to qualify.

If you earn over 10,000 in one month, but less than 10,000 in the next, then you will lose the Priority Membership status for that month.

However, you can then regain that status by ensuring you earn more than 10,000 poker points in subsequent months.


The Priority Member scheme on Sky Poker will only be of interest to higher stakes, high roller players on the site who typically play the more expensive tables and tournaments. However, it is a generous offer for these players and certainly makes Sky Poker an attractive option for these players.

At a lower level the Sky Rewards scheme is within the reach of most cash players, even those on a modest budget.

Both schemes are good ways of rewarding players loyalty to Sky and offer decent incentives to play with the site.

Sky Poker offers a wide variety of games and tournaments. Find out more by reading our in-depth guide to Sky Poker MTTs.