Sky Poker 30k Mega Roller

After the success of the Sky Poker UK Poker Championships, which culminated on Sunday night’s big UK Poker Championship Main Event win for Alex Spencer, Sky Poker are offering players on their website a chance to earn a major cash prize thanks to their brand new £30,000 Mega Roller.

The first Mega Roller event will take place on Sunday 2nd March 2014.

To buy in direct to the final will cost £110 and it is expected that the top players on the Sky Poker platform will all be seeking to earn their share of the guaranteed £30,000 cash pot on offer.

The event will also be screened on the Sky Poker TV Channel, where the resident Sky Poker TV experts will cast their eyes over proceedings and give their opinions on the play that is going on at the tables.

However, if you are a smaller stakes player who wants to take part in the main event, then you can attempt to satellite your way into the final from just £3.

Over the coming week, there are three different types of satellite events you can play in, in order to try and progress through and earn your place in the final.

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Monday 24th to Friday 28th February £30,000 Mega Roller Satellites

Lowest Level – £5.30 buy in. £30k Roller Satellites will be held throughout the day with one in five players earning a seat in that evenings £30k Roller Semi, held at 9.15pm GMT.

£30k Roller Semi – £24 buy in – A £30k Roller Semi will be held at 9.15pm each week day. One in five players earn a seat in the £30,000 Mega Roller Main Event.

£30k Roller Direct – £12 or £24 buy in – Depending on the buy in one in 10 (for £12) or one in 5 (for £24) will earn a place in the £30,000 Mega Roller Main Event. There will be several £30k Roller Direct events held throughout each week day.

Weekend Satellites (Saturday 1st March)

£30k Early Satellite – £5.30 buy in. There will be several of these cheap early satellites held on Saturday morning with 1 in 5 players earning a seat into the £30k Roller Early Semi at 5pm on Saturday.

£30k Early Semi – £24 buy in – One in 5 players will earn a seat at Sunday’s £30k Mega Roller Main event.

Weekend Satellites (Sunday 2nd March)

£30k All-In Satellites will be held throughout the evening for just a £3 buy in. One in 40 players will earn a seat into the £30k Mega Roller, which will be held at 8pm that evening.

And of course, at 8pm on Sunday, the first Sky Poker £30,000 Mega Roller will take place.

Sky Poker’s UK Poker Championship – Spencer wins the big one!

The £30,000 Mega Roller will be Sky Poker’s biggest ever online tournament and comes hot on the heels of the successful UK Poker Championships, which were held from 17th to the 23rd of February and featured a guaranteed prize fund of £500,000 in the main event and a number of other top quality tournaments taking place.

After several months of qualifying events on the Sky Poker website, the finals were held at the Dusk Til Dawn Casino in Nottingham England and 20 year old student Alex Spencer was celebrating on Sunday night as he took home the £125,000 first prize when winning the UKPC Main event.

After three days of hectic competition and 621 competitors, the nine players at the final table were announced:

Alex Spencer owned the most chips at this stage with 5.2m, with Danny Blair next on 3.115m. The other seven finalists (with their chipstack at the start of the final) being:

  • James Rimmer (1.88m)
  • Deborah O’Connell (1.84m)
  • Paul Delaney (1.65m)
  • Charles Chattha (1.57m)
  • Allan Graham (1.36m)
  • Steven Sargent (1.19m)
  • John Haigh (870k)

The minimum any player would walk away with from the table was £10,000, with a £50,000 difference between the second place price of £75,000 and the top prize of £125,000.

It didn’t take long for the action to start in the final when on the third hand, Haigh and Sargent went all in,with O’Connell covering both. Sargent’s pair of kings enough to secure the pot, trebling his stack, while O’Connell doubled down and Haigh was eliminated from the competition.

Sargent’s good play continued a short while later when Allan Graham went all in, Sargent calling and eliminating a strong A K hand with an A 9 thanks to flopping a 9.

Deborah O’Connell was next out, when her pair of 8s were no match against Danny Blair’s trips Aces, however O’Connell won’t be too unhappy at taking home £16,000 in prize money, when she managed to qualify for the final from a £1 satellite event on Sky Poker.

Charles Chattha was next to fall, when he fell to a pair of sevens held by James Rimmer and he was soon followed by Steve Sargent who finished fifth when his pair of fives were beaten by Paul Delaney’s pocket jacks.

At this point in the tournament, Rimmer was the chip leader with just short of 6m chips, Blar and Delaney had almost equal stacks at just over 4.5m chips while the initial chip leader Alex Spencer had seen his stack diminish to 3.76m.

The big turning point in the tournament however came when Rimmer and Spencer faced off with Spencer going all in with a pocket pair of Aces to Rimmer’s Ace-Queen, with no help from the community cards, Spencer doubled putting him right back in contention for the event.

Spencer then continued to heap misery on Rimmer, defeating him in two more key hands, the second elimating Rimmer from the competition in fourth.

The 20-year-old Doncaster student , now with the lion’s share of the chips, then eliminated Paul Delaney in third and just before midnight, Spencer fended off a pair of queens from Danny Blair with King three, hitting a king on the flop and another on the turn to secure the win.

So if you fancy a shot at a top prize this week on Sky Poker, why not take part in the £30,000 Mega Roller event and perhaps you’ll be celebrating just like Alex Spencer was last Sunday.

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