Bet365 Online Poker VIP Program

Bet365 VIP Program: Breakdown Of The Rewards System At Bet365 Poker And Casino

The bet365 VIP Program is the primary way that bet365 rewards online poker players.

The VIP program at bet365 is relatively straightforward. With that said, there are a few important things to know – things that will help you get more value out of the program than the average player.

This article breaks down everything you need to know to get the most out of the bet365 Poker VIP Program. When you’re ready to sign up, learn about bet365’s no deposit bonus for new poker players.

Bet365 Poker VIP Program overview

When you first join Bet365 Poker, you’ll begin accumulating Merit Points from play. After earning a VIP level for three consecutive months, you’ll be entitled to between 12% and 30% of what you spend in rake back in the form of cash rewards, bonus rewards, and tournament tokens which are good for entries to events.

The VIP level you end up in depends on how many Merit Points you earn. The highest volume players can earn Loyalty Rewards to take their effective value earned north of 30%.

Merit Points: The heart of the bet365 VIP Program

As you begin to play cash games on Bet365 Poker, you will start to earn Merit Points each time you play. These points are the heart of the bet365 VIP program, used to determine your tier. They are directly exchangeable for rewards.

What is a Merit Point? How can I earn them?

Merit points are awarded whether a player plays at a cash table or in a tournament.

On a cash table for example, you earn merit points based on the amount of the rake that is directly attributed to you, determined by the proportion of the total pot of each hand that you contribute. In a tournament, how many merit points you earn is determined by the entry fee you pay (and any re-buys you opt to make while playing) to enter the tournament.

Therefore, the more hands of poker you play, rather than just folding, then the more you contribute to the pot and the rake, thus you earn more poker points.

Regardless of what you’re playing, the amount of merit points you earn is the same: 15 Merit Points per £1 or €1 you pay in cash game rakes or tournament fees.

Bet365 Poker VIP Program tiers

When you join Bet365 Poker and earn your first Merit Point, you are automatically entered into their VIP Scheme, active from the beginning of the next calendar month.

As you collect Merit Points through playing on the site, your VIP Status will increase if you manage to maintain the required level of Merit Points over a three-month period. There are four levels of VIP qualification:

Level Monthly Merit Points Required
Platinum 25,000
Gold 10,000
Silver 5,000
Bronze 1,000

Note: You don’t need to spend your Merit Points to achieve a VIP status level – you simply have to earn them.

Bet365 VIP Program Rewards

The bet365 Poker VIP Program rewards players in a number of ways. The primary types of rewards are cash rewards, bonus rewardstournament tokens and loyalty rewards.

Cash rewards

Depending on your VIP Scheme level and the number of merit points you have earned, you can earn a variety of different cash rewards, which you can ‘trade’ your accrued merit points in for. The list is shown in the table below.

Merit Points Reward Required VIP
7,500 €75 Bronze
20,000 €200 Silver
50,000 €500 Silver
100,000 €1,000 Gold
200,000 €2,000 Gold
375,000 €3,750 Platinum

Bonus rewards

The highest value way to use your Merit Points is by spending them on a bonus rather than cash. Although you will have to clear your bonus before the funds are usable in your account, the size of the bonus you can afford will be two times bigger than what you can receive in cash if you spend the same amount of Merit Points.

Merit Points Reward Required VIP
7,500 €150 Bronze
20,000 €400 Silver
50,000 €1,000 Silver
100,000 €2,000 Gold
200,000 €4,000 Gold
375,000 €7,500 Platinum

Tournament rewards

Lastly, you can also trade in your Merit Points for Tournament Tokens which can be used to enter tournaments. We don’t recommend this – you can almost always spend your points at a better rate on a cash or bonus reward and simply use the cash to enter tournaments.

Merit Points Tournament Token Value Required VIP Level
6,250 €50 Bronze
9,375 €75 Silver
18,750 €150 Silver
25,000 €200 Gold

Loyalty rewards

In addition to earning cash, if Platinum members of the VIP scheme maintain their status for six months, they can contact support and receive a €500 loyalty reward. This reward can be claimed every 6 month period during which you stay a Platinum VIP.

Getting the most value out of bet365 Poker VIP

What’s the best bang for your buck when it comes to spending Merit Points? It’s a tough question to answer, although it will almost always boil down to either cash rewards or bonus rewards.

The tables below break down the “rakeback” value of the various ways you can exchange your points.

Here’s a little advice for spending your points:

  • If you don’t need cash immediately and are likely to clear more than 50% of a bonus, a bonus reward is always the best value.
  • If you want to play with cash from points now or think you won’t clear half of a bonus, go for the cash reward.
  • Tournament tokens are usually the worst way to spend your Merit Points.
  • If you want to spend points to enter a tournament, buy a cash reward and use the cash instead of buying a tournament token.

Value of Bet365 Poker VIP Cash Rewards in Euros

Cash value Status Level Required Merit points required Rake required Rakeback value
€75.00 Bronze 7,500 €500.00 15%
€200.00 Silver 20,000 €1,333.33 15%
€500.00 Silver 50,000 €3,333.33 15%
€1,000.00 Gold 100,000 €6,666.67 15%
€2,000.00 Gold 200,000 €13,333.33 15%
€3,750.00 Platinum 375,000 €25,000.00 15%

Value Of Bet365 Poker VIP Cash Rewards – Adjusted For Pounds

Cash value Cash value adjusted for Pounds at 0.78 rate Status Level Required Merit points required Rake required Rakeback value
€75 £58.24 Bronze 7,500 £500.00 11.65%
€200 £155.30 Silver 20,000 £1,333.33 11.65%
€500 £388.25 Silver 50,000 £3,333.33 11.65%
€1,000 £776.51 Gold 100,000 £6,666.67 11.65%
€2,000 £1,553.02 Gold 200,000 £13,333.33 11.65%
€3,750 £2,911.91 Platinum 375,000 £25,000.00 11.65%

Value of Bet365 Poker VIP Bonus Rewards in Euros

Cash value Status Level Required Merit points required Rake required Rakeback value
€150.00 Bronze 7,500 €500.00 30%
€400.00 Silver 20,000 €1,333.33 30%
€1,000.00 Silver 50,000 €3,333.33 30%
€2,000.00 Gold 100,000 €6,666.67 30%
€4,000.00 Gold 200,000 €13,333.33 30%
€7,500.00 Platinum 375,000 €25,000.00 30%

Value Of Bet365 Poker VIP Bonus Rewards – Adjusted For Pounds

Cash value Cash value adjusted for Pounds at 0.78 rate Status Level Required Merit points required Rake required Rakeback value
€150 £116.48 Bronze 7,500 £500.00 23.30%
€400 £310.60 Silver 20,000 £1,333.33 23.30%
€1,000 £776.51 Silver 50,000 £3,333.33 23.30%
€2,000 £1553.02 Gold 100,000 £6,666.67 23.30%
€4,000 £3106.04 Gold 200,000 £13,333.33 23.30%
€7,500 £5823.82 Platinum 375,000 £25,000.00 23.30%

Value of Bet365 Poker VIP Tournament Rewards

Cash value Status Level Required Merit points required Rake required Rakeback value
€50.00 Bronze 6,250 €416.67 12%
€75.00 Silver 9,375 €625.00 12%
€150.00 Silver 18,750 €1,250.00 12%
€200.00 Gold 25,000 €1,666.67 12%

Bet365 Casino VIP Program

When you join Bet365 Casino, you are immediately signed up to the Bet365 Casino VIP Scheme and the moment that you start playing for real money on the site is when you will start to earn Comp Points.

What are Bet365 Comp Points?

Comp Points are the heart of the Bet365 Casino VIP program and you earn these by playing real cash games at the site. The types of games you play at Bet365 Casino decides how many Comp Points you earn per £10 spend on that game.

The table below outlines how many Comp Points you earn per £10 spend at Bet365 Casino playing each type of game:

Game type Comp Points earned per £10 spend
Sic Bo 1
European Roulette 1
American Roulette 1
Craps 1
Blackjack 1
Casino Hold’em 1
Baccarat 1
Caribbean Poker 3
Pai Gow Poker 1
Red Dog 2
Regular Slot Games 3
Video Poker 1
Games, Keno and Scratchcard Games 3
Progressive Jackpot Games 3
Video Slots (excluding Multi Spin Slots) 3

How is the VIP Program structured at Bet365 Casino?

When a player joins Bet365 Casino, they are immediately placed at the Bronze Level in the VIP Scheme and their Comp Points balance is zero. Players then start to accrue Comp Points by playing in the wide number of games available on the Bet365 Casino site.

Status Level increase

When you reach a total of 150,000 Comp Points on the Bet365 Casino site, then your Status Level will reach the Silver Level Status and then when you have accumulated a total of 500,000 Comp Points on the site, then you will achieve the coveted Gold Status.

At Bronze Level you have the following bonuses available to you:

  • Access to regular Deposit Bonus Match Ups every month.
  • Access to the Bet365 Casino Bonus Suite plan each week.
  • £50 worth of bonus chips available when you have accrued 50,000 Comp Points.
  • Specialist promotions for Bronze Level customers.
  • Comp Points conversion rate of 100 points per single unit of currency.

However, once you reach the Silver Level then you unlock the following benefits:

  • A £100 bonus of chips ready to claim when you reach Silver Level.
  • Larger bonuses available as part of the Match Up promotions.
  • Access to better Bonus Suite offers.
  • Currency conversion rate improves from 100 points per unit to 85 points per unit of currency.
  • Specialist promotions for Silver Level status holders.

Finally, when you reach the Gold Level, then you can gain access to all the following bonuses:

  • Pocket £350 worth of bonus chips when you finally achieve Gold Level.
  • Maintain Gold Level status by accruing 2,500 Comp Points every month.
  • Bonus template specifically for Gold Level members.
  • Claim a further £1,500 worth of chips when you reach the 1,500,000 Comp Point milestone.
  • Currency conversion rate improves from 85 points per unit down to 75 points per unit of currency.
  • Specialist VIP account managers on hand to deal with your every need.
  • Access to special Gold Status level members only promotions and other offers.
  • Invitations to a number of select sporting events with first class hospitality.

Milestone Bonuses

In addition to the benefits you receive from passing through each of the three Status Levels on the Bet365 Casino VIP scheme, you also receive a number of Milestone Bonuses when you reach the following amount of Comp Points accrued:

  • 50,000 Comp Points (£50 in chips)
  • 150,000 Comp Points (£100 in chips)
  • 500,000 Comp Points (£350 in chips)
  • 1,500,000 Comp Points (£1,500 in chips)

Bet365 Casino’s VIP Program offers a chance for punters to accumulate Comp Points and in time earn themselves a number of outstanding bonuses and other benefits, although it is worth noting that as you progress through the levels, you will need to earn a minimum of 2,500 Comp Points each month to maintain your status level.

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