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Published on March 13th, 2013 | by Ian John

Breaking Down New Player Bonuses at Bet365 Poker

Bet365 Poker: New Player Promotions and Bonuses

If you are considering joining Bet365 as a completely new player, then what are the incentives and bonuses that the site offers you to entice you to part with your hard-earned cash? In this article, we’ll examine the many different types of incentives the Bet365 Poker site has in place to ensure its new users get off to the best possible start on the site.

The first thing to note is that there is not just one incentive for new players when they join Bet365, but there are actually several different ones and they come in several different forms.

For an overview of the welcome bonuses at all bet365 products (poker, sports, bingo, casino), visit our bet365 bonus code guide.

Free £5 Bonus for All New Players (UK only)

All new players to the Bet365 site who register and download the software are eligible for a welcome gift of $5, which they can access to play in Poker games across the site, without having to make an initial deposit.

This $5 gift allows players a chance to ‘try before you buy’ effectively, thus giving you the chance to play a few small stakes poker games and take a good look around the site, its offers and the different types of games available, without having to risk any of your own cash before you decide to play.

200% New Player First Deposit Bonus (All players)

If you do decide to make a deposit then you qualify for Bet365’s second Poker bonus, which is the will match your first deposit with a bonus cash sum of 200% (up to $1,000). So, this means if you spend your $5 on the site initially, like what you see and then deposit $500 into your Bet365 Poker account, you’ll receive a $1,000 bonus as a new player reward!

It is important to note however that accessing this bonus is not immediate and to prevent fraudulent use of these funds, Bet365 only allows the user access to the bonus once they have accrued a certain number of Merit Points through playing cash games on the site.

The positive side of this is that if you do continue to play on the site, then your bonus can last you several months at a time, reducing the amount of money you need to add to your account to keep your bankroll healthy.

The next three New Player bonuses are accessed when new users enroll at Bet365’s impressive Poker tutorial tool, PokerUniversity. By working your way through the three courses on Hold’em Basics, Beginner Strategy and Advanced Strategy you can earn three other New Player Bonuses, all of which may only be used once.

Free Entry into the 100 Euro New Depositor Freeroll Tournament

Complete the quiz at the end of the Hold’em Basics section of Bet365 Poker University and you will receive a token for a free entry into the weekly 100 Euro New Depositor Freeroll event. These games are only open to new players who have made a deposit and have completed the first section at Bet365’s PokerUniversity.

Once you have enrolled at the University with your username, you can view the Hold’em Basics section of the University, then ‘pass’ the section by completing a short quiz. Pass the quiz and you earn yourself a free token into the next New Depositor Freeroll on the next available Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Free Entry into the 100 Euro Poker University Freeroll Tournament

Once you have followed the same process as outlined above and completed the quiz in the Beginner Strategy section of Bet365’s PokerUniversity, you earn a free token for entry into the next Poker University Freeroll tournament.

These events are held at 7.30pm GMT each Thursday evening and are open to new customers who have made a deposit in their account and who have also successfully worked through the section on Beginner Strategy and passed the quiz at the end of that section.

Free Merit Points at bet365 Poker

Poker University at bet365If you manage to finish the third and final Advanced Strategy section at PokerUniversity and complete the quiz, you will also earn yourself 250 Merit Points.  Merit Points are the basis of the VIP Poker Scheme on Bet365 and you accure points whenever you play on site for real cash, either in cash games or tournaments.

Merit points can be used for a number of different benefits on the site. Not only does accruing points improve your VIP Status on the site, but you can use them to ‘trade in’ for cash to spend in the casino (for example, you can trade in 7,500 merit points for $50 cash),

Currently the site is also running a $100,000 giveaway, which gives players a prize draw ticket for every 15 Merit Points earned, giving them the chance to win one of many prizes including iPhones and iPads with draws for prizes held every day.

Bet365 Poker has a large number of staggered rewards and incentives to entice the new player in and keep them playing on the site, indeed as poker offers go, the Bet365 Poker package is certainly one of the best we’ve come

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